Reappearance and Disappearance of a Brother

It was early in the morning on a Friday two weeks past. A doorbell rings, echoing the entire household. No one expected an early guest to come here. Moreover, no one expected someone to come here early at this hour with the need to ring the doorbell. As my grandfather opened the door, he was surprised with what he saw. Behind the door, was none other than my brother, who had previously told us he was going to return at an earlier date, but never showed up. Most likely to figure out what was going on, my mother ran downstairs from her slumber and was also surprised that my brother returned. Indeed, I, too, was awoken from the rung doorbell and the sound of my brother’s voice as he conversed with my mother and grandfather. In all honesty, for me, he chose the wrong time to return home, even if it was a surprise.

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Angelic Layer Review

Angelic Layer sets its eyes on Suzuhara Misaki, a first year middle school student who moved to Tokyo to begin the first year of her middle school life. Upon getting lost in the highly metropolitan area, she comes across a large screen displaying a fight between what appears to be small robots controlled telepathically by their owner. After a stunning fight, Misaki became quickly interested in this game, of which a suspicious man in a lab coat introducing himself as “Icchan” introduces her to the game while giving her several hints and advice on how to play the game. Little did Misaki know that this game that she just started out will create a chain of fortunate and unfortunate events as Misaki will later realize why this game possesses a major significance in her life.

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International Exhibition (Male) Tournament

The International Saibishie League (properly known as the Exhibition Tournament) is now up and ready to begin. This is a male tournament that follows an elimination style format starting with 96 characters nominated from several forums, followed by 32, 16, 8, 4, and finally the finals. This offests Korean’s own male tournament by not having a preliminary round, but most notably for the high number of voter participation, something that KBM seriously needs. Even males have their great moments in the history of anime, and here, they will prove to other competitors and to the world who the best guy is.

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Saya no Uta Review

Truth be told, I was very surprised about this game mechanics. It has been a while since I have played a rather short visual novel, but even its short length does not make it a bad work. There is so much that one can take out from this little work that it is hard to summarize just how I feel about it, let alone give this a stand-alone summary. Saya no Uta really is a masterful work, and I have to give credit to Urobuchi Gen for writing this work as well as the accompanied artists and music directors.

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Halloween and the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

With Hurricane Sandy out of the way, it felt as though what appeared to be a strong hurricane was all but just a dream. I guess I can only say this due to the location I was at. Indeed, what was considered a “super storm” from the televised news was just very windy days outside with minor drizzle. I expected something major to happen to experience the power mother nature can bring, but I guess it would be more rational for me to say that I am thankful that it was not as bad as I would have imagined.

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Hurricane Sandy

To those who are braving the storm and still have electricity on them, stay safe. Large gusts of winds are blowing in my direction and the lights are flickering in my room. I fear it is only a matter of time before it is completely wiped out. Keep holding on.