Popotan revolves around three sisters Ai, Mai, and Mii with their maid, Mare. The four of them are time travelers, traveling to different parts of the world at different time periods via popotans (another word for dandelions in Japanese), or behaving like one depending upon how one interprets it. Their main goal is to find the one who knows who they are (their form of a god, perhaps) and figure out what is the meaning behind their travels through time.The first few episodes of the series starts off with a pretty basic format. They enter a new world, find information about the person they are looking for, and leave. The timespan that it takes to do this varies, but at most, it seems to be no later than a week. The timespan may be longer, but it should not be long long enough for them to become too acquainted with their life. Otherwise, the memories left behind and saying goodbye may be too painful for any of them to handle. It seems as though, with each time skip, they encounter various people of various ages and change their lives, even if it seems slight.

As the series progresses, there is an appearance of a guide named Keith. Apparently, Keith’s role was make sure that they get one step closer to their desired destination. However, as he does so, he plays around with the main cast’s minds, stating that the encounters they have with others will hurt them more than they will hurt the cast. This idea ultimately hurts Mai the most, since she tried very hard to push others away only to accept them once more after a fateful encounter. The words of Keith hits Ai as well, and she, too, has second thoughts about continuing to travel. It seems as though Mii is too innocent or childish to understand what was going on in their minds, more so that she did not have a face-to-face confrontation with him. I have to feel sorry for them in my shoes. Of course, I am not a time traveler, but it must be tough for them to have travel through time and met various people along the way to get to their destination. The memories that one encounters with them remain in the heart no matter how much time has passed. However, there is just so much one can intake as their travel progresses.

Eventually, they come to meet with the one whom they have been searching for the most. Shizuka, the one whom they have been searching for, gives them a choice to continue to travel through time or to choose one of the time periods they have visited and stay. Of course, the three girls reminisce on what they should do and, in the end, out of several arguments, each leaves to their own destination, wanting the others to be happy. In truth, despite staying in their desired world for so long, they slowly regret their decision, wishing to be with each other once again. Mare, who was immobilized by  Keith some time ago, returns to the world where he and Shizuka are. Mare returns to each of the three sister’s worlds, whom each were glad to return to each other’s arms. In the end, the three of them decided that they will continue to travel, for the memories of those they meet are more than enough for them. They will not falter their decision any longer and will continue to meet with whomever they will encounter, be it new or old friends.


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