KBM Male Division: Preliminary Period 1

The Male Division of KBM is back and kicks off in their sixth moe competition. Then again, I should consider the guys gar and not moe, unless they happen to be bishounen. In any case, characters who eligible in KBM is different to that of ISML. In KBM, any male character who has appeared as an anime, OVA, movie, etc. broadcasted or released between January 1st, 2011 to December 31st, 2011 are eligible as long as they are aware of who they are. For example, a male character who appeared in only one episode that was dedicated to him or a male character who spoke a few lines to either a supporting or main character throughout the course of the anime is considered eligible. Any background characters are considered not.

The first day of voting will be January 28 at 00:00 standard time. The voting period will last for a day. About 2,880 guys will be divided into 96 groups. Each day, six groups of guys will be presented, and the top 4 of each group will move on to the second preliminary phase. The groups, while randomly generated, have some form of hidden seeding within the said groups. I wish all of these men good luck, and, of course, I hope one of my favorites becomes the winner of KBM.


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