Amagami SS+: Tsukasa After Story

Tsusaka’s story takes place at about a month after  the school festival where Jun’ichi and Tsukasa accept each other as lovers. The story moves to a rather pivotal point of the school years: the student council president election. Already the air starts to get rowdy as the election date for the new student body draws near. Takahashi-sensei announces that Tsukasa will participate in the upcoming elections, to which everyone in the class believes that she will win with flying colors. Coming out from a rather successful School Foundation Day, Tsukasa seems to have all the tools, abilities, and repertoire needed to become a class president, even if she had to secretly work behind the scenes with her true ego and shrewd manner in order to get things done.

A few days later, the school announces who the upcoming running presidents would be, along with their vice president, who they personally chose to run with them. As soon as the  participants are revealed a small state of confusion occurs. While Jun’ichi was easily going to be the vice president of the school by force of Tsukasa, if necessary, he is not simply going to be just her vice president. Entering the race as well is another second year student Kurosawa Noriko, but her choice of vice president is none other than Jun’ichi as well. Is this a sign of an indirect confession, or could it be that she is taunting Tsukasa and wishes to reveal her true nature to the school. Easily, Tsukasa brushes the challenge aside, and everyone now focuses on getting the election started.

When the first preliminary results are up, Tsukasa, Jun’ichi, as well as other friends in their class, were easily drawn aback by the results. Tsukasa did not even reach second and landed on a low number at third. It does not seem like it was Jun’ichi first place contender Noriko was concerned about. She seemed dead certain to crush Tsukasa’s pride and spirit. Tsukasa takes on the hidden challenge at full force and started to find out ways to get back in the game without caring about Noriko’s antics. Taking up an opportunity when one of the contenders were in disarray, Tsukasa managed to get second place in the second preliminary voting, being very close to still first place Noriko. Of course, during the plan to get her vote numbers higher, Jun’ichi suggested having a better campaign picture to which it almost became a near-pornography photo shoot. Because of her personality, Tsukasa easily knows what was going on, to which Jun’ichi fumbles and falls on himself. Once again, he proves how much of a pervert he is.

Due to the rather close victory, Noriko immediately sets out the final plan to break Tsukasa’s spirit. One of her friends draws Jun’ichi to her, telling him that she wishes to talk to him about something. Jun’ichi easily answers the call, and Noriko pretends to have some romantic feelings for him. Tsukasa catches the act, just like Noriko had in mind. Tsukasa catches Jun’ichi and brings him to the school shed, during which Jun’ichi continues to tell her that she has got the wrong idea of what just happened. Tsukasa has already known that. In fact, she blames Jun’ichi for not reading into what was going on around him. Jun’ichi swears an oath to only kiss and love her, to which Tsukasa easily buys into, for she loves him just as much. I can’t believe a dense guy like Jun’ichi could have such a forgiving, loving girl like Tsukasa. He really needs to be put on a leash.

After the failure of Noriko’s plan, Tsukasa and Jun’ichi continue to campaign until it was time for the election date, where the contenders were given a final speech on why they should vote for him or her. Soon, the ballot started, and the votes begin. When the results arrive, Tsukasa easily wins the election, and her friends and supporters celebrated their victory. After school, Jun’ichi and Tsukasa walk home together, only to have a stray dog chasing after them. Jun’ichi successfully distracts the dog only to fall down on a riverbank. Tsukasa invites him to her house, and he takes a shower at her bathroom. Déjà vu? Jun’ichi could have sworn that he a dream of this before. Tsukasa enters the bathroom not with a bath towel, like in Jun’ichi’s dream, but with a school swimsuit. It does not make her any less attractive than she already is. While she was washing his back, Tsukasa thanks Jun’ichi for everything that he has done for her. They sealed their love for each other with another hot kiss inside the bathroom. The show ends with Tsukasa and Jun’ichi, already at their new school term, getting ready for their duties as the new president and vice-president.


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