Ano Natsu De Matteru Episode 1-3

We first start off with Kirishima Kaito testing out his new video camera one night at a bridge. As he was testing it out, an unidentified object happened to land at the waters. It is highly possibly that Katio may have died or was seriously injured after the various screenshots of him covered in blood with broken glasses. Yet, on the very next day, he wakes up from his room unharmed, unable to remember what happened that day.

Kaito goes to school as he always would, hanging out with his friends Tanigawa Kanna, Ishigaki Tetsurou, and Kitahara Mio. Upon testing out his camera, he comes across a transfer student sporting long red hair and glasses. Her name is Takatsuki Ichika, and she is a senior in their school. Ichika is quickly acquainted by Yamano Lemon, who helps shoo away the boys trying to hit on her. Because Kaito wanted to make a film, Tetsudou easily suggested that this new transfer student should be the star of their film. At lunch, Tstsudou immediately asks Ichika about it, to which Ichika quickly accepts. Lemon also agreed with it as well, stating that she would bring script ideas. Thus, without realizing it, the hidden film watching over them was already on record.

After school, Kaito imagines what the relationship between him and Ichika would be like. During one of his delusions, he imagines asking her if he wanted to stay at his house since she confirms her to have not lived in his town before after seeing her fishing in a river without fish. In actuality, she was there when he asked her to live in his house. At first, he takes back the offer, but quickly brings her to his house when he realizes that she truly did not have a place to stay. Not only does she show that she is not from this town, she may not even be from this planet after distinguishing the bath items carefully. While trying to figure out what do to with her, Kaito suddenly falls unconscious.Ichika quickly comes to his aid, finding out that the healing she gave him was losing its effects. After calling out Rinon and being surrounded by a circular motion of data, fully notating that she is an alien, She gives him a kiss, starting up the healing process once again. Of course, as she was healing him, his older sister Nanami and Kanna, who happened to bump into her, saw Kaito with Ichika in a rather suggestive position.

Nanami and Kanna quickly investigate on Ichika and why she was at his house. It took a while for Kaito to cover for her and state her current condition. Due to her inability to talk to her parents, Nanami quickly assumes that her parents are no longer here and easily accepted the idea of having her stay in their house for as long as she likes, since she would be going on a long business trip. Nanami appears to be a nice woman, but she can be a crybaby at times. After walking Kanna back to her house, Kaito confronts with Ichika, who explains to him the reason why she came here. She was looking for a certain place with trees and a lake, thus coming to this planet. Where could that place be?

The next day, Kaito and Ichika saw Nanami off, and Kaito decided to shop with Ichika for clothes. After that, they return home, only to find out that the door was opened. It turns out that Kanna, Tetsudou, Mio, and Lemon were inside his home courtesy of Lemon picking the lock. It also is revealed that the meeting place was going to be at his house due to her talking about Ichika living in Kaito’s house to Mio and Tetsudou at the previous night. After debating on what it was they should film, Lemon decides that they should talk about the script later and gives everyone a drink. Apparently, she spiked the drinks as everyone in the room was showing signs of drunkenness. During their drunken state, Rinon appears, causing everyone to laugh due to its odd appearance. While everyone was laughing, Lemon introduces the King’s game, to which she apparently is “King” every single round. After that, while everyone is knocked out due to the effects of alcohol, Lemon records their sleeping faces. While Kaito was in the kitchen, he was about to phase out just like what happened in the previous day. Ichika healed him once more, and Katio was about to confess to her, but she quickly stopped him from saying those words. Does she know its not worth it because she is an alien, or is there something else in store for these two?

The relationship between the two gets more awkward as Katio decides not to go to school the next day. Ichika wonders why, but Lemon seems to have already figured everything out. Kanna, Mio, and Tetsudou try to remember what happened yesterday, but are unsuccessful with it. After school, Kanna goes to check up on Kaito, who was assumed sick, but was actually fine. Kaito goes on to have more cruel delusions and ultimately asks her to go outside with him. The two go to a shopping district, looking for good places to film their work. Lemon, Testudou, and Mio watch them from afar as they watch the development of the two. It seems there is a pentagonal relationship happening here. Mio is interested in Tetsudou, who seem to show interest in Kanna, who likes Kaito, who shows interest in Ichika. Who will get who in the end?

Kaito thanks Kanna for walking around with him without asking why he ditched school. He then explains to her about what happened yesterday between him and Ichika, but not clearly. During his talk, Kanna was about to confront to him until Lemon appeared with her camera in hand. Lemon immediately gets away from the situation while Kanna follows her. Kaito bumps into Ichika while Kanna manages to meet both Mio and Tetsudou, who also appeared with Lemon. Lemon hints that both were also with her when they were checking out the relationship between her and Kaito. Kaito and Ichika talked to each other about last night. Katio thought they were going to talk about her semi-rejection of him, and Ichika thought Kaito knew that she was an alien. Because both were thinking about two separate things, it took a while for them to realize how silly each of them were and laughed about it. It looks like the misunderstanding was quickly solved. When both of them were walking home, Ichika asked whom it was that rejected him, to which he quickly denies. Ichika then changes if he is interested in anyone. When he jokingly asked if he was interested in her, he was silent and did not deny her claim.

I am enjoying this show very well. I like how it is related to the Onegai series, to which I watched both of them. In fact, some people even dubbed this show as Onegai Sempai. It makes sense since most of the characters represent the characters of the Onegai series. Kaito represents Kei, Ichika represents Mizuho, so on and so forth. My favorite character has to be Lemon for her trolling personality brought up from Ichigo of Onegai Twins. It also helps that the director and artist were also members of the Onegai team when it first started. I am definitely looking forward to see what will unfold and if it will be the same as it was ten years ago, when Onegai Sensei was aired.


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