Denpa Teki na Kanojo

A 2 episode OVA of 45 minutes long per episode, Denpa Teki na Kanojo is set around the life of high schooler Juuzawa Juu. He appears delinquent-like with his cold eye, blond hair, and fighting skills, but he is a kind and caring person inside if people knew him a bit more personally. He appears at first to always be getting into fights; however, they were more of people wishing to fight him and beat him up. The students fear him due to his ruthless aura. One day, he found a letter asking for him to meet them somewhere. Expecting yet another fight challenge, Juu prepares for the worst and surveys his area, but a lone girl with hair covering his eyes confronted with him, wishing to be his servant and his knight. Her name was Ochibana Ame, and she claims that she has met him in her previous life and now wishes to serve him. While Juu finds her annoying at once, it was only a matter of time before he needed her assistance.

The days were getting much scarier as the number of people who died slowly start to increase by a mysterious serial killer. Despite all of the random killings, Juu does not seem to care much about it. One night, as he was walking around the city due to the inability to sleep via Ame’s sudden presence in his room, he spotted one of the murders that the serial killer performed. The victim this time was Fujishima Kanako, the representative of his class who seems to hold some feelings for him despite lashing out at him about various rules and regulations of the school. He knows she was a nice girl, and he usually teases her to lighten her up, although it had an opposite effect. When she died, Juu wasted no time wanting to know why she had to be the one who was killed. Ame quickly understands his plight and invites him to her house.

Ame brings him to her room to show him various images of the people whom the serial killer murdered. Juu is easily shocked, thinking that Ame was the one who killed them. Ame goes on to explain the methods of their death and how it may be possible that it was more than one person who were behind these assaults. At first, he did not wish to ponder on this matter, but when he was shown a picture of Kanako, he decided to investigate this matter. Quickly, he followed Ame from behind, watching where she goes. When he was almost able to catch her, another girl, Hikaru, Ame’s younger sister, appears from behind and starts attacking him. She claims that he is ruining her life, but Juu is too dense to figure out what she means by that, even questioning why Ame is that interested in him to her. After that odd encounter, Juu loses sight of Ame and the people she was with.

Juu gives up searching for Ame, but comes up to his own realization of when the culprit would strike next. Using data from when the people died and the weather condition, Juu assumes another day when the person would strike. Sure enough, he gets an incoming call, telling him to go to the park. From there, he finds not only another dead body but also the murderer. The murderer claims to be secret government agent tasked to kill aliens disguised as humans. Clearly, he was mentally insane, and after a rather one sided fight, Juu manages to knock him out using his watch to punch his face. Juu was about to call 110 when the murderer was able to stand up, but was fully knocked out by Ame, who hit him with a cement brick.

Satsuki Miya, another one of his classmates, was glad that the culprit was caught. Juu was glad that everything was over, but was not pleased that he died and charges were not passed to him. He seemed to be relieved, but drank soda that contained a paralysis drug. Once he was down, Miya started attacking him with an aluminum bat, the same type that was found during Kanako’s murder scene. It turns out that Miya was actually the serial killer’s neighbor. She was planning to stop him, but suddenly grew fond of seeing his victims reactions when they were afraid or near the verge of death. When he was unable to properly kill them off, she finished the job, using wires to strangle them. When he wanted to stop killing, she used the weather as a means for noting him the right time to kill was. She was the one who contacted Juu to take care of him, just to see him in a dying state while not showing any pain. Juu confronted her, telling her that she could have told him about him if it would relieve her pain. Miya sees Juu as someone who is able to withstand anything, but even he has moments when he is scared, afraid of being alone, and in need of help. To his call, Ame was able to stun Miya with a taser so that they can escape. However, Miya was able to stand and was suppose to stab Ame but hit Juu instead. Despite being badly wounded, he was able to hug Miya, still wishing to relieve some of her pain. Due to blood loss, he fell unconscious, but he was able to recall a certain scene from the past where he met a lone girl crying at a park. To cheer her up, he gave her a knight figurine. The first episode ends with them walking to a bookstore together.

The second episode springs out yet another odd mystery. Early in the episode, Juu was set up for a crime he did not commit. Before he was sent to the station, Hikaru was able to cover for him, but was only able to solve the situation through a kiss with him. After the incident, Hikaru immediately blames him for everything that she did to get him out of the situation. Of course, Juu has no choice but to accept her words. The following day, he was sent to the office via the vice president of the student council, Ayase Ichiko. Things get out-of-control with her provoking words, but Shiraishi Kaori, the president of the student council easily solved the matters before things became out of control. When Ame and Juu head to the train station together, Ame asked whom Juu’s lover was, since the topic was brought up from Ichiko’s speech. While Ame claims that whom he goes out with does not bother her, she stumbles trying to get inside the station. Clearly, these were the actions of a maiden in distress. To be young and have those kinds of feelings.

Juu worries do not end there. Even when he came home, the pranks stated to become worse. Juu goes outside to take out the garbage and relieve stress when he sees Hikaru walking on the streets without an umbrella. Once in his house, Hikaru quickly undresses herself asking for sex until Juu snaps her back to reality. She reveals that her boy whom she had a crush on rejected her after seeing a picture of them kissing each other. She was not the only one with problems. The next day, Kaori was hurt after she noticed too late that the brakes in her bike were loose. She claims that her injuries were karma to what she had done in the past. She states she killed someone, but it was clear that that someone committed suicide apparently for her since he claims he loves her more than the boy she was with. While she blames herself, the pranks do not stop there. Someone went as far as to blow a main lobby up with a parent and her child inside it. It was only a matter of time before the pranks become harder to deal with and can kill someone.

For Juu to gather help, he was invited to go to a maid cafe, where Ame was temporarily working at. The two people, Kirishima Yukihime and Endou Madoka, are willing to help out in exchange for information. Immediately, that night, they enter one of the person’s house who appeared to be a member of Happiness Club, an internet group who, ironically, destroy people’s happiness in order to gain it. Yukihime and Madoka wasted no time breaking down the door and taking everyone out except for the member of the club. That member easily gave information out in exchange for leaning the secrets of getting more “happiness points.” The group met at an old club room from Yukihime and Madoka’s school. It was here that Ichiko appeared, whom Ame immediately suspected to be the leader of the group, of which she was correct. She made the club believing that happiness is a constant, and people can gain happiness by taking away someone else’s happiness. She set the club room on fire, which already contained some of the members of the club. Ichiko managed to escape, and Juu made a desperate decision to get the people out of the club room alive.

Both Ame and Juu were invited to go to Ichiko’s house along with Kaori. At her home, Ichiko reveals that her surname used to be Kuraki, the last name of the supposed boy who killed himself for Kaori. Ichiko reveals that Kaori actually dumped her brother so that she can go out with the student council president. Ichiko blames Kaori for not only taking away her brother but also every other happiness that she lost. Ichiko blames Kaori for the hell that she suffered for so long since her brother’s death. She even reveals her mother to them, who was clearly dead and was rotting in the room now filled with flies and maggots. Ichiko believed that gaining happiness points would get her wanted happiness and family together again. She wanted Kaori to kill herself, and she was in the verge to do so. Even Juu was unable to cope with what was happening until Ame was able to calm him down. From his order, Ame was able to play with Ichiko’s mind until she was able to wake up to reality.

After that incident, Juu tells Ame about the earlier incident regarding him and her sister. Hikaru was easily angered at Juu, but she flinches at the sound of Ame’s voice. She really does care about her as a younger sister. In return, Juu was able to clear a misunderstanding with her crush after a one-on-one fight with him at the receiving end. She runs back to him once more, and things were back to normal. While he was going home, Juu bumps into Kaori, who appeared to be in the exact shape as Ichiko when she was depressed. Kaori also believed in exchange in happiness long before Ichiko ever started the club. To gain happiness, she pushed Juu down to the street with a truck coming towards him. Ame, who wanted to check on Hikaru’s condition, senses this and immediately runs back to Juu’s aid. Juu was lying down on the road, but was conscious and unharmed. Kaori was the one who died from the truck when it tried to swerve away from Juu. In the end, those who have fallen were given their justice.

If anything, I found the development of the relationship between Ame and Juu the most interesting part of the show. Despite both characters playing stereotypical roles of a delinquent with a caring personality and a girl with a screw loose in her head, i.e. denpa, I love how they interacted with each other how their relationship slowly becomes deeper. I have to admit that both endings of the episodes caught me by surprise. Just when I thought that I have already deducted the ending from many minutes ago, the ending happens yet changes into something deeper than just that. I cannot help but to sympathize (pity may be the better word) those that have lost their way. It is a shame that whose who put up an innocent facade have pasts and mindsets far hideous than one could imagine.


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