Aquarion Evol: Episode 1-3

The story is set 12,000 years after the happenings of the first series Genesis of Aquarion. Here, we follow the life of Sora Amata, who was shunned by most of his childhood due to his ability to levitate via wings appearing on his feet. This ability appears every time he is either scared or excited. Amata was first seen watching a movie about the events that happened in the first series. While cleaning up the movie theater, he comes across Suzushiro Mikono, a rather soft-spoken and enigmatic girl. Going past their awkward conversation, they decided to meet up outside when his work was done. Are both of these characters possibly the reincarnation of the protagonist of the previous series?

In the city that they live it, there is a school that teaches students with powers how to ride mobile suits. However, the school is divided in half via the Berlin Wall, separating between boys and girls. While most of the students who do not seem to mind the wall, there are a few who are for meeting the opposite gender and a few who are strictly against interaction with the other gender. Even so, with a name like the Berlin Wall, it is going to go down sooner or later.

The interaction between Amata and Mikono ends short as the city is being attacked by the abductors, an outer-space organization that kidnaps people via machines, but their motive appear unknown. The school immediately sends out their students to fight off against them. The male team are sent out first, Type-M, and easily take out some of the abducting machines. However, a new machine, also piloted by someone, enters the fray and goes to work on fighting against the students. During the entire fight, neither Amata nor Mikono take shelter. Instead both continue to watch on the fight.

Due to the male bots beings almost wiped out, the principal of the school sends out the female units. Apparently, male and female bots are not supposed to be with each other. The union of the two gender robots is considered forbidden, thus the reason of the wall. Still, the female and male bots fight with each other to take on this mysterious person riding the unknown vehicle. During one attack, both machine types get in contact. While not in union, a mysterious thing happens to the students before immediate separation. After the attack, a statue falls on Amata and Mikono. Amata quickly saves Mikono, but, in return, gets hit by the statue. Once again the enemy machine is at an advantage despite having more people fighting against it. Before making the finishing blow, the enemy pilot takes interest in Mikono and Amata. In a desperate situation, Amata attempts to save Mikono via the power that he hated for so long. In doing so, both find themselves inside a cockpit meant for the students to ride. Amata calls out the forbidden name, Aquarion, and merges with two other machines of different gender. Even with the chastity gem, he four pilots, Amata, Mikono, Zessica, and Cayenne, managed to merge together to form a never-before seen machine, Aquarion EVOL.

Despite creating a new machine, it does not work if either of the two who are controlling the machine know how to fight using it. Early in the fight, Aquarion is at a disadvantage. Cayenne is angry that Mikono is also inside the machine and is arguing with Amata most of the time. Mikono is too scared to be in this situation and wishes not to be a part of this despite not knowing how to leave. I am not fond of these types of characters who only get overly pessimistic and whine during tough situations such as this. Despite this, enemy reinforcements came to both attack defensively and stop Kagura, the one piloting the machine, to stop fighting and return back to their base. Zessica could not take this sullen atmosphere anymore and teaches Amata how to fight. In doing so, she wipes out a majority of enemy reinforcements. Kagura manages to get his body back by destroying a comrade machine and replacing his injured body part. Cayenne receives a prophecy, revealing something similar to the end of the world by means of the marriage of Mikono and Kagura. While they were seeing the prophecy, Kagura takes advantage of their distraction, pins Aquarion to the ground and starts attacking it. Amata is at a loss at what to do, but, after a small talk with a spiritual Mikono, Amata gets Aquarion to break free of the hold and fly. Aquarion smashes Kagura’s machine into an asteroid. Kagura still manages to get up from that attack, but Izumo, possibly the commander of the abductors unit as well as more men like Kagura, tells him to stop and orders him to return to their planet. Having no other choice, Kagura does what he says and leaves.

At the enemy forces base, Izumo asks Jin, the tactician of their group, to analyze the data of Aquarion. Of course, Kagura comes back slightly angry, but is pleased that he found the woman he was looking for. During standby, Kagura meets up with a crystallized person, possibly someone meant to be of resemblance to a character in the first Aquarion.

Meanwhile, Amata wakes up at the male dorm. Cayenne is told to show him around, since he will be a student from this school from here on out, as well as Mikono. Everyone in the school is talking about what happened that day with the forbidden union between man and woman. Cayenne explains that Mikono is his sister and the reason why she has such a pessimistic behavior. Even so, Amata believes that she is trying to change since then. That night, both Amata and Mikono cannot sleep, wondering what the other is doing on the other side. While walking outside, Amata falls into a hole dug by Andy, who wishes nothing more but to meet girls, thus digging a hole to the other side. When they finally reached the other side, Amata sees Mikono through her skirt. This causes a rather awkward moment that makes him fly up with her in a rather awkward position. Of course, Mikono gets angry, and Andy and Amata have no choice but to escape.

The next day, Amata is tested to see whether or not his powers are useful. In a mock battle, he takes the lead of a team of three men to battle with holographic enemy forces. Mikono is still angry at him to which Amata is depressed about. During their fight, Cayenne had to snap him back to reality in order for Amata to get back in his game. Amata calls out the name, and Aquarion is formed once more. Aquarion flies to the sky and appears to perform a rather grand move, but it ends up being a bow. Of course, those who were watching the fight were saddened that something bog did not happen after a grand entrance like that. However, at least, Mikono was able to get his feelings.

I am not really a fan of mecha shows, but somehow, I was enamored by this. I do not know why, but something about this show is making me stick to it and see it until the end. I have asked some people whether or not it was beneficial to watch the original series first before watching this. Some they that I do not have to, for it is a new cast, and others mentioned that I should watch it alongside with EVOL as an in case factor. Currently, I am only watching EVOL. I may watch Genesis of Aquarion sometime in the future. In any case, despite being interested, my main concern is Mikono’s behavior and character. If she continues to act like such all the way until the end of the series, I may not be able to put up with her antics. I hope her pessimism will stop sometime earlier for my own personal enjoyment of the show. I shall see.


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