Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou: Episodes 1-3

There really is nothing much to say about this show it terms of plot, for it does not have one. It is simply about high school boys doing what they do best in any given day. The show relies heavily on comedy, and it works, for me at least. While the majority of the cast is male, there are a few instances where the girls get their chance to shine as well. Because the story is based on various skits per episode, it is hard to create an overall summary of what happened. Instead, I will format this via skits in order of which they appear and give a small brief on each of them, if possible.

Episode 1:

  • We first see Tadakuni stereotypically leaving his house with bread in his mouth for fer of being late to school. As he was running to school, his friends Tanaka Yoshitake and Tabata Hidenori run with him, both carrying a plate of curry rice and a bowl of ramen respectively. As they were running to school, Gundam’s fall from the sky and start wrecking havoc in the city. During an explosion, they came across a Tales of manual and dress up as warriors to fight against the mobile suits. Tadakuni snaps everyone to reality, claiming that this was suppose to be a normal show about normal guys doing normal things, but, of course, they do not listen.
  • High School Boys and After School – Tadakuni asks his friends how one should get a girlfriend. Immediately, Hidenori comes up with a simulation in a school setting, and Yoshitake roleplays as the girl. Having no choice, Tadakuni plays along with this, but ultimately fails to get a girl. They try this several times, but he fails once again. Eventually, Tadakuni comes up with an idea and it becomes a success. Of course, he learns too late that the plan will never work since they are in an all-boys school.
  • High School Boys and Skirts – Tadakuni is pissed that all his friends do is come to his house and loaf around. He orders them to leave, but Hidenori randomly starts to talk about skits and how awkward it must feel to wear such things. Hidenori asks if they can borrow his sister’s skirts, and, before he was able to reply, not only did Yshitake found three of her skirts, but also a pair of her underwear. Both attempt to put on the skirts, to which Tadanuki quickly attempted to stop their idiocy. The two agreed to privately try it own, to which Tadanuki had no choice but to follow suit. By the time they were done, only Tadanuki was the one who changed from his pants to his sister’s skirt. He was easily tricked, yet they found out he looked good with women’s clothing. They decided to make Tadanuki try on his sister’s bra and panties until his sister came to his room after her school as over.
  • High School Boys and Ghost Stories: Once again at Tadanuki’s room, Hidenori tells a story about a girl eating using three chopsticks. Tadanuki and Yoshitake take this as a scary story, but he said it out of curiosity. Yoshitake told a story about removing hair on his chest using a razor, but accidentally cut up his nipple in the process. Tadanuki told a story about having a party with his friends when one of his friends was not well. Tadanuki brought him to the bathroom. When his friend puked, he found a centipede crawling among his puke. Although the story was made up, Hidenori, Yoshitake, and somehow Tadanuki’s sister, starting puking in the bathroom to find a centipede crawling in their puke.
  • High School Boy and a Female Companion: From the classroom, Tadanuki is seen walking with a school girl. Immediately, the guys think it’s his girlfriend. Motoharu, the class president says it is not so, but they will be. Swiftly, the boys surround Takanuki and the girl in question, to which he thinks all of them are crazy. Ignoring their intimidating aura, Tadanuki shows her the way to her school, revealing there was no such relationship to begin with.
  • High School Boy and Literary Girl: Hidenori is seen reading at a riverbank when, all of a sudden, a literary girl sits down diagonally behind him. Hidenori keeps his cool, but does not know what to say. In the end, he says something about the wind. He was embarrassed, but the girl was interested in his response and followed suit while getting closer to him. Hidenori calls Yoshitake to save him from this awkward situation, but he also followed along the story, to which the girl was very pleased of. Tadakuni comes, but destroys the atmosphere, causing the girl to retaliate. It turns out that the girl was a novelist, and the exact scene was somehow similar to what she wrote in her novel, which was why the girl reacted so happily.

Episode 2

  • High School Boys and the Morning Journey – While walking home, Tadakuni picks up a stick. Hidenori and Yoshitake immediately set up a role-playing game simulation with Tadakuni as the hero. They go as far as to set up joining someone’s party, equipping weapons the wrong way, the fighting monsters and mini-bosses. Hidenori and Yoshitake realized they left their bag while playing the simulation and run back to that spot, to which Tadakuni throws the stick away. Motoharu and his friends pick up the stick and did the same simulation that Tadakuni and his friends were doing, only to have a girl pass by watching them. Embarrassed, they drop the stick and left.
  • High School Boy and Convex Mirror Girl: Tadakuni, Yasunori, and Nago work at a pizza parlor. Tadakuni asks Nago about what one should do to get a girlfriend. While Yasunori immediately answers looks, Nago claims that it does not really matter, but it boils down to it in the end. Tadakuni and Yasunori states that Nago should make an effort to be prettier. Nago asks for a convex mirror and posses in front of it, showing a cute girl in the mirror. Tadakuni refuses to believe that the girl in the mirror and Nago are one of the same.
  • High School Boys and Friendship Power – Tadakuni’s sister attacks Tadakuni and his friends for stealing her underwear. They claim not to have them, but Yoshitake easily notices that both Hidenori and Tadakuni were wearing her bra. Yoshitake does not know what to do, but, in the end, takes her undergarment and puts it on himself. Hidenori and Tadakuni easily ratted him out, and Tadakuni’s sister wasted no time knocking him out. Due to this, Yoshitake tells her that Hidenori and Tadakuni were also wearing them as well.
  • High School Boys and Literary Girl 2: Motoharu meets up with the literary girl, who was at the riverbank reading the book. Motoharu also talks about the wind to her. Both looked at each other intently for a period of time before he leaves. In actuality, he was looking for his older sister, who apparently was at the supermarket.
  • High School Boys and Traditional Events – Karasawa Toshiyuki, a member of the student council, informs Tadakuni and his friends that they should participate in today’s Clean Campaign. Tadakuni and his friends did not wish to participate and started looking at other events the school held that was useless. They found a 70-hour fast day, and they quickly brought it up to the principal to question. However, the principal himself does not know the reason since he is still new to the school. He comes up with an elaborate story that Tadakuni and his friends fell for, but Toshiyuki tells him that his story was false due to the the time his story’s event took place.
  • High School Boy and Childhood – Motoharu and his sister were talking home when his sister discussed about her friend having a poor sibling relationship. His sister and Motoharu agreed that their close relationship is rare and that poor sibling relationship is common. Motoharu brings up Yoshitake and his older sister, who is a compulsive liar, and Tadakuni and his younger sister who rarely talk to each other. His sister talks about a game that they played since they were children, to which Motoharu does not wish to remember. He taunts her to see if she can do the same thing once more with their height difference, to which she was easily able to pick him up and swing around. Motoharu remembers that she used to bully him in the past.
  • High School Boys and Ghost Stories 2 – Hidenori talked about finding white eyebrow hair one morning and pulled it out. Yoshitake deeded it was scary, but Tadakuni did not find it so. Yoshitake talks about washing his face so hard that his nose was bleeding. Tadakuni talked about seeing Toshiyuki hatless one day and found it hilarious. Hidenori, who called him to come over to his house earlier, decided to set up an ambush to see what was under his hat with Yoshitake. When they were outside, Tadakuni’s sister was already in position of ambushing Toshiyuki, who was already outside. The three chase him around town, but the story was a lie.
  • The Daily Life of a Lady – Lady Yukana did not want to go to school today, but her three butlers insist that she should. Yukana tells the three to make up an excuse, but one of her butlers tell her it was because her false tooth fell out, to which she denies. After much yelling due to their failure at making excuses, her false tooth fell out. The butler that continues to mention about it picks it up and starts swinging it at the other butlers. Embarrassed, Yukana decides to go to school.

Episode 3:

  • High School Boys and Summer Plans – Hidenori and his friends discuss about what they should do during the summer. Hidenori takes the leader role, but Tadakuni and the rest deny his leadership and wanted Toshiyuki to be the leader. Toshiyuki enters his house, yet more bickering occurs until Tadakuni’s sister comes home. Hidenori stops him and ask her which of the six would she date, to which she chose Toshiyuki. Toshiyuki tries to he hospitable to her, but takes it too far and the two start to fight. The meeting continues as they do so.
  • High School Boys and the Beach House – Tadakuni and his friends decide to go to the beach and start to hit on various girl, but were unsuccessful at it. Hidenori concludes that girls like noodles and their men the same way: hot. Motoharu backhands him for such a idiotic relationship.
  • High School Boys and Hot Spring Balls – On another day, Tadakuni and his friends decide to go to a hot spring. After a warm bath, they decided to play ping-pong with a punishment. The twist is one can hit the ball if they knew the answer to a question. Originally Tadakuni thinks the game is rigged and started to play with his own question, but still lost.
  • High School Boys and the Radio DJ – Hidenori and Yoshitake started an imaginary radio show in Tadakuni’s room. Hidenori was enthusiastic about it and starts to discuss about various things that high school boys usually do via imaginary fan mail from imaginary people. Yoshitake does not follow the flow and speaks his mind randomly. After a series of unsuccessful attempts to get him in character, Hidenori decides to close the show. Apparently, Tadakuni was supposed to be the audience, but does not play the part.
  • High School Boys and Summer Memories – It’s their final days of summer, and Tadakuni and his friends thinks about what they should do with their remaining summer days. The three decided to go to a festival, play in the park, watch some fireworks, play video games, perform tests of courage, and karaoke. Several days have past since then. Hidenori decides they should go out again, but quickly realizes from his calender that summer vacation was long over.
  • High School Boy and the Train to School – Whenever Hidenori takes the train to school, he sees the same girl everyday with a ponytail and a mole on her neck. Every day, Hidenori wishes to talk to her about a hair growing at her mole, but never musters up the courage to do so each time. He talks to his friend about the situation, but he tells him not to say it, for the girl may think ill of him. Hidenori sees her on the train once again. Once more, he tries to muster up the courage to talk to her about her mole, but is unable to. He then acquires an odd epiphany, thinking that she must be friendless due to the hair in her mole. When she left the train, Hidenori leaves with her and confronts her about her mole. At first, she was embarrassed, but soon laughed it off. Hidenori lamented on how pitiful he must have looked at the situation.
  • Uniform and Boyfriend – Ikushima andYanagin were hanging out in Habara’s room. Ikushima talks about getting a boyfriend, but Yanagin quickly answers her response with a punch. Ikushima, Yanagin, and Habara discuss about what they should do to pass time time, to which Yanagin answers that they should do everything and anything they want to, since they were high school girls. Yanagin cries at the fact that there is an anime (this one) that is concerned about the everyday life of high school boys. Yanagin wants Habara’s brother’s school uniform, since she claims that high school girls are funny no matter what they do. Ikushima likes the idea and decides to wear her brothers clothes, which Yanagin also does. The two start to have fun wearing them until they were seen by Habara’s brother.

This is quite a hilarious show that I did not see coming. I am looking forward to enjoy more perks coming out from this show.


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