Nisemonogatari: Episodes 1-3

Nisemonogatari is the continuation of the Bakemonogatari light novel series. Particularly, this set of light novels is set on the lives of Araragi Koyomi’s two sisters, Karen and Tsukihi, both of whom are in middle school. The anime will most likely portray the supernatural events that are happening that surrounds Karen and Tsukihi, for better or worse. The first half of the series will target Karen while the latter half will deal with Tsukihi.

At the start of the show, we first see Koyomi confined and handcuffed in a school building for no apparent reason. He does not remember himself what was it that has gotten him into this situation. Enter Senjougahara Hitagi, the person who probably did this to him. Koyomi immediately wishes to be freed, but Hitagi claims to have thrown the key out. Koyomi has no choice but to play prisoner for a while. Koyomi asks for food and drink, and Hitagi, being her usual yandere self, gives him a drop of water from her finger and an unwrapped onigiri. During their rather odd conversation, Hitagi gives out several hints as to what will happen come this arc, namely the notion of bees. Hence, the arc in which we are currently is named Karen Bee. Hitagi claims that she will protect him no matter what, but what exactly is she protecting him from is the question.

After this scene, we go back about a day prior to what took place before. Currently, Koyomi was supposed to have a tutoring session with class president and good friend Hanekawa Tsubasa, but she apparently had something urgent today, meaning he was left alone for the day. Having nothing to do, he roams around the house to find Tsukihi, the younger sister, watching TV. Koyomi wonders where Karen was and asks Tsukihi about it. She claims to not know where she went, but Koyomi believes she is out to get into another fight. Tsukihi said she was going to protect the middle schoolers, yet Koyomi claims that alone is considered trouble for him. After a nonsensical argument, Koyomi remembers that Sengoku Nadeko, Tsukihi’s friend who has a crush on him, had offered him a chance to visit her house in the past. Deciding to take up the offer, Koyomi calls up Nadeko to hang out with her, to which she agrees to without a second thought. Koyomi decides to invite Tsukihi with him, but Tsukihi knows that she will just be in the way. Being dense, Koyomi does not know Nadeko has feelings for him. Before leaving, Tsuhiki asks why he has not been sparring with Karen and her lately. Koyomi tells her that she’s gotten to strong for him to handle, but, in truth, since he has some vampire powers in him, he does not know exactly how strong he is and is afraid of killing them both.

Koyomi leaves to Nadeko’s house, but, along the way meets up a familiar face, Hachikuji Mayoi. Koyomi actually perform some stretches before running to her and embracing her in a rather perverted fashion. Of course, he should be in jail for pedophilia, but, because she is a ghost, he can do whatever he wants to her. Koyomi decides to hang out with Mayoi as a detour. During their conversation, Mayoi breaks the fourth wall, claiming that the viewers who wanted to see Nadeko would have to wait next week since he chose to hang out with her. Koyomi talks about whether or not he should tell his sisters about his vampire abilities. Mayoi claims have having a few secret from the family is quite natural. The conversation goes on to the belief that adding the word “courage” to a sentence can make it sound positive no matter how odd or morally wrong the sentence is. They get into a contest to see whom will succumb to the use of courage, but Koyomi takes it too far in the perverted level and gets creamed in the face. Koyomi decides to leave her after their long talk, but asks the question if she will disappear. Mayoi responds that she will not, for if she does, she would have at least told him goodbye first.

Koyomi finally gets to Nadeko’s house, but she is wearing a hairband, showing her bangs. As soon as Koyomi enters the house, Nadeko locks the doors and bring him to her room. She even tells him and she can only sit on her bed. She even claims that the room was getting hot, takes her sweatshirt off, and even forces Koyomi to take his sweatshirt off as well. Yet, after all those attempts to get his attention and get him to slightly like her just a bit. Koyomi completely lets all her moves fly past her as if she was just being her nervous self. I cannot phantom how she can still love this man who will not recuperate her feelings back. Nadeko decides to play King’s Game, but Koyomi states that the game is better with more people. The two decide to play the Game of Life. Nadeko sits in a suggestive position, but Koyomi pressures himself not to get any dirty ideas with her, even though that is exactly what she wanted. Koyomi asks if anything has happened since he lifted her from her curse. While she says nothing happened to her as of yet, there are still various charms and curses being spread about. As they were talking, they managed to complete the Game of Life. Koyomi asks what they should do next, to which she answers Twister. Koyomi does not know the game and asks her to teach him, to which she tells him she will teach his body everything. After all the suggestive implications of wanting to get inside his pants, Koyomi still treats it as if it was nothing.

Due to her mother returning, Koyomi had to leave because Nadeko did not tell her about him coming over. Since he still had some free time. Koyomi decides to go to Kanbaru Suruga’s house to help clean up her room, which is always a mess no matter how many times they clean it together. Along the way to her house, he manages to spot Karen walking around with her hands. Koyomi asks her what she was doing. She answers community service, but Koyomi assumes she is going to do something that is going to hurt her. Karen goes off to preform what she believes to be a heroic deed and informs Koyomi that he wanted to chat longer, it would have to be tonight with Tsikihi.

Koyomi makes it to Suruga’s house and room. To his surprise, Koyomi sees her stark naked lying face down on her bed. While Suruga offer him to look at her as much as he likes, she also prefers that he leaves so that she can change. The two start working on cleaning the room. Upon cleaning, he finds a jersey with signatures that she wore previously at her nationals. Koyomi tells her to put it on, to which she did. Koyomi states that all the books look the same and shows proof finding the same book about a male student council secretary and a male student council president a few times. Koyomi also claims that her tastes are actually natural rather than perverted. Since girls likes handsome guys, Koyomi deducts that her thinking about two handsome guys getting together is not overall strange. Koyomi teases her that she may not be as perverted as she claims to be, which puts her mind in a disarray and makes her continually defend herself how hardcore of a pervert she is. Soon, they’re almost finished with cleaning her room. Suruga teases about whom Koyomi will end up marrying in the end. To counter the oddness of the mood, Kyomi suggests playing a game, to which she continues to lose every single time.

Eventually, it enters nightfall, and Koyomi leaves her home. He meets a strange man who name is Kaiki. Ha appears enigmatic and dubious at first sight. Kaiki appeared to be interested in Suruga’s household, but decides to ignore it in the end. Despite leaving, Koyomi was still able to feel a rather odd presence coming from him. Upon leaving, he meets Hitagi, who ignores him at first, since she did not expect him to be the type to run away from his studies. No matter how many times he tries to explain, she ignore it. Such is the love and relationship between these two couples. Hitagi talks about how popular he is, and should he cheat on her for another woman or if the girl starts taking her unrequited love to another level and she notices it, she will not only kill him but the girl who was close to winning his heart over her.

While walking together, Koyomi tells her that he was at Suruga’s house when he met that strange man, Kaiki. Hitagi apparently knocked him out, thus  bringing back to what was shown in the beginning of the first episode. Apparently, she kidnapped him because she truly wanted to protect from the man known as Kaiki Deshuu. Kaiki apparently was one of the people she came in contact with to get help, but he was a fake con man who was only interested in their money and ruined her life. Koyomi obtains a text message asking for help from his sisters. Because he cares for his sisters so much, he broke through all of the handcuffs and immediately set his sites to return back home. Hitagi does not wish for him to leave, but Koyomi’s words managed to make her blush just a little. Another phone call came from his cell phone, but Hitagi picked it up. However, Hitagi was quite afraid at the receiving end. After the phone call Hitagi became quite submissive and easily allowed him to leave. Koyomi asks to whom she was talking to. She answered Tsubasa.

Once more, I enjoy this series as much as I have with Bakemonogatari. I was actually waiting for this section of the novel series to be presented, and I have not been disappointed with the way SHAFT is directing it. It still has that supernatural mood given out from each episodes. More importantly, I enjoy the relationships and interactions that he has with the heroines of the story. I plan to enjoy the adaptation of both arcs that the show will portray. I have high hopes for this.


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