Zero no Tsukaima F: Episodes 1-3

Continuing from Season 3, Zero no Tsukaima follows the life of Louise Valliere and her supposed servant but lover as well Hiraga Saito. The morning starts off as usual: Saito being a pervert and Louise making explosions. Apparently, Queen Henrietta wants all of them to come to the main capital. While most of the main cast arrive to Romalia, it appears that Henrietta whats to secretly meet Saito, Louise, and Tiffania while the rest go on their separate ways to enjoy themselves. Of course, there is more that meets the eye than just simply calling for them to stay and help out.

The three of them and Julio, the one accompanying them, arrive to the castle to meet with Henrietta; however, there was one more person wishing to see them as well: the Pope of Romalia. For someone of such high status to meet them, clearly something must be up. Apparently, just like Louise, he is a Void user as well, and his familiar is none other than Julio. To heighten my surprise, it seems as though Tiffania is also a void user as well. The reason for why they have come is certain. The Pope would like Louise and Tiffania as his personal shrine maidens to celebrate the third anniversary of the Pope’s ascension. This is apparently a set up to get a certain man’s attention to come to Romalia. That man is Joseph, the uncle of Tabitha and the one who killed her father and poisoned her mother. Apparently, he, too, is also a void user, and as void users, they are the ones who hold the fate of the world. Of course, Loiuse easily accepts the offer. The group prepares for tomorrow with a toast. Among them is a rather suspicious crowd who apparently have a job to do. What are their intentions?

That night, Louise and Saito have an argument relating to their love. It’s one of those love quarrels that one sees everyday, and seeing three seasons of this already, it was only a matter of time for it to be brought up once more. After their argument, both separate for a period of time. Louise takes a look outside and find some trespassers invading the palace. Meanwhile, Tiffania wishes to become more useful for the team and asks Professor Colbert to teach her how to summon a familiar. Saito is seen talking to Siesta about his love problems with Louise. Siesta gives him a mind of her own as well as making him think why she wanted to serve the Pope so badly. Saito then chases after her.

The palace walls have been breached, and the thieves were going to take a certain valuable. Louise, after following them, tries unsuccessfully to take them down and gets caught herself. The thieves, the ones who were at the dining table from before, leave as quickly as possible. Saito, catching up to them, quickly attacks headfirst. The one with the stolen artifact takes his leave while the other buys some time to get him away from here. He summons various golems that continue to appear without end. When Saito manages to get the upper hand, the thief quickly puts him in a bind. That was when Loiuse casts explosion and manages to knock the thief out, but, in return, causes Saito to lose his balance. During this time, Tiffania was about to summon her familiar when Saito happens to fall from the roof and goes through the warp where the summon was supposed to happen. Was that merely an accident, or is Saito now actually going to be a familar of two people instead of one? Is that even possible?

And so, the day of the Pope’s ascension has arrived. Both Louise and Saito spend the day together before preparing for the actual event. Guiche and the team get ready to do their job, mainly to keep the crowd under control during the ascension of the Pope. Henrietta and the Pope discuss about what happened last night and the things that are being done to prevent such a thing from happening again. Both Henrietta and Agnes are in doubt because they believe that the Pope actually expected yesterday’s events to happen, yet, both the Pope and Julio state that they have increased their security, so something like yesterday should not happen once more. During the day, Louise tries on the shrine maiden outfit. Saito found it so cute that he was actually turned on by it. This was offset by a rather odd conversation followed by an awkward moment and ended with an explosion. That night, the Pope was at a basement creating something. He was stopped by none other than Joseph, along with his familiar, Sheffield. Apparently, he was working under Joseph to create an object, but for it to be used as a weapon of destruction was not what was in mind. Why were the Pope and Joseph working together? What is there to come next?

And so it was the day when both Louise and Tifa’s service were needed, as well as the rest of the group. When their service was over, the group decides to take a break. Louise would talk to the remaining maidens while Saito and Tiffania meet at the room. Tifa takes this opportunity to try to kiss him, since that would ascertain whether or not he is her familiar. Of course, they get caught in the middle of their kiss in an awkward position. Meanwhile, Louise is asked by a plebeian to bless her ill mother, to which she agrees to. Saito, having left the peculiar position, asks the other girls where she is. Saito runs out the to the streets to find her, only to be stopped by the same man who stole the artifact form before. He appears to be good with a sword as well. Of course, where Louise went was also a trap. Louise gets paralyzed and Sheffield is the last person that Louise sees. Are those thieves related to Joseph, and why do they need Louise so badly?

The thieves, or children of the elements, take their leave. Later, Saito discusses what happened to Henrietta, Agnes, Tiffania, the Pope, and Julio. Tabitha, who arrives to the meeting, answers that this must be done by her uncle, to which her intentions are correct. A messenger arrives telling her that Gallia’s fleet was coming to this area, which highly means that it is either an invasion or a declaration of war. Louise is held captive in one of their main ships. Joseph confronts her, telling her that he needs her powers to put his plan into motion. That night, Sheffield, who has the ability to use ancient artifacts and create demons, uses the mirror stolen from before to transfer her power to Joseph. Joseph, who uses the powers of the fire stones as well as Louise’s magic and Sheffield’s magic, cast the explosion spell to Romalia’s fleet, causing massive destruction on both sides of the field.

Saito, who could not wait anymore, asks Tabitha if he can borrow Slyphis, her pet dragon, to go to where Louise is. Frightened, the Romalia troops retreat; however, the demon carrying the second fire stone was among them and exploded as well. The destroyed ships fall to the city, setting it ablaze. Joseph, even doing this much, is still unable to show any sadness or remorse for what he has done. Joseph orders Sheffield to prepare the third and last fire stone. Before she was able to give it to another demon, Louise unties herself and quickly grabs the fire stone while jumping off the ship. Sheffield orders the demon to get the stone back, to which it successfully does. Louise is now falling to her death with no reason. However, Saito was able to catch her just in time.

Tabitha drops Saito on the main ship where Joseph is while she and Louise take off to stop the demon from getting close to the city. Meanwhile, the rest of the group quickly get the people to safety as soon as possible. Saito takes on Sheffield first, who quickly calls multiple demons to buy some time. Because there is no end to these demons, Saito remembers receiving something from Julio not too long ago. Thinking fast, Saito shoots Sheffield’s leg with a gun, stopping her from controlling the demons. Meanwhile, Tabitha was trying to take the demon down, but keeps missing. Tiffania casts a memory spell on the demon, buying enough time for Tabitha to strike it down, obtaining the fire stone in the process. Both Louise and Tabitha return to where Saito is to aid him.

Saito attempts to stop Joseph permanently, but is unable to do so. Joseph possesses the ability to move faster than the eye can follow. Saito gets stabbed with a rather dangerous weapon, but Saito uses this to keep him in his place for him to strike. However, Joseph possesses the gun that Saito dropped not too long ago. Louise comes in just in time to cast an explosion inside the main deck while Tabitha cast icicles to pin him down. Tabitha stands before Joseph, the one who ruined her childhood. Tabitha was prepared to kill him, but decided to send him to Romalia instead. However, Sheffield catches her off guard and takes the fire stone from her. She warns all of them that she is able to make the fire stone explode using her own power. After being asked to leave them alone, Saito, Louise, and Tabitha did just that, watching afar as the ship they were in exploded.

The next day, Saito, Louise, and Tabitha appear in front of the Pope. Saito claims that everything that happened had gone according to the Pope’s plan. In truth, he actually did wanted to provoke Joseph to see if he would do something. That way, they can declare a holy war on Gallia, but did not anticipate having Louise be a part of this. If indeed Joseph is dead, another void mage would appear somewhere in their world. Louise and Saito are off to find this person and befriend him or her as soon as possible. Before they were able to do so, they were greeted with a standing ovation from the people of Romalia, who praise them for protecting their city and preventing a possible declaration of war.

I felt that they crammed a major arc in a matter of three episodes. I am not a light novel reader, but I would like to know whether the proportion from that arc to the anime was sufficient or too fast. In any case, it was a lot to suck in at first, since it has been a while since the third season came out, but I am sure that I will able to absorb it fully as time moves on. Overall, a decent start, although I did felt that it was a bit rushed, but it probably is just me. Because it will be the final season, I hope that they will be able to end this series with a big bang. Finally, this will get its conclusion.


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