Ano Natsu de Matteru: Episode 4

Another normal day, another misunderstanding cleared

An Indirect confession has commenced. When the train arrives, with both characters not knowing what to do, Ichika simply boards the train without Kaito, who remains stagnant. The two clearly do not know what to do next. Even at the next day, the two continue to think about what to do next. At the same time, both agreed to simply not think about what happened and act normal. However, as things turned out, their morning conversation was nothing near composed. Rinon was almost sacrificed as the knife Ichika was holding dropped pinpoint in front of it. Clearly, it was going to be a long day.

Kanna and Mio talk to Kaito, who doesn’t appear to be doing well after the awkwardness between him and Ichika. Both of noticed his odd behavior, and asked if he was alright, to which he answers that he is fine. At around the same time, Lemon confronts Ichika, informing her that she knew both she and Kaito were at the same place. OIf course, Lemon teases her, as she knows as something is going on between the two that she would love to exploit.

At around lunch, Kaito leaves to the school courtyard. He runs a fantasy to which Ichika also states that she loves her back as well. Of course, in reality, he was apparently confessing to Tetsurou, much to his dismay. Tetsudou was asked by Ichika to bring his lunch to him. At around the same time, Ichika and Lemon were eating lunch together at another area. Both Kaito and Ichika tells Tetsurou and Lemon respectively the same story and asks for each of their opinion on what to do. Lemon asks why does she not act upon her feelings, to which Ichika replies that it is not as simple as it seems. Tetsurou tells him not to think about it too much and wait patiently for her response.

During PE class, most likely track & field. Kanna meets with Kaito, asking what happened to him when they were separated. Their conversation was interrupted by Lemon, who was also in her PE class, swimming. If Lemon was there, it meant Ichika was there as well, to which both parties meet. Ichika and Lemon walk away, which Lemon informs in cryptic language Ichika’s possible love rival. Kanna confirms that Kaito got into another fight with Ichika. Kanna tells him to try to talk it out with her, since she understands that she’s from a foreign land and that there might be some communication problems. Katio thanks her for talking with him about his problems, but from afar, both Tetsurou and Mio were watching their interactions. Tetsurou makes the same comments Lemon made to Ichika to Mio.

Most likely at the same time once again, Ichika and Kaito had a fantasy that telling the opposite party to act like normal would work. Along the way comes a rather busty teacher who asks him to help her out with some shopping. Apparently, he is unable to talk back. Ichika sees Kaito with the said woman in a car riving pass her. Ichika gets infuriated and wants nothing to do with Kaito’s new relationship, yet calls out Rinon, even threatening it to come to her aid. She forces him to warp her to where Kaito and the woman are by any means necessary. Ichika stalks him through various stores until she stops last in front of a hotel. Ichika thinks something ecchi is going to happen between the two and quickly intervenes.

Inside the hotel, Kaito wonders how he is going to explain all of this to Ichika later. Why wait later when Ichika is directly behind you? There is no need for an explanation on how she got there when she’s in love to the point of doing things she would have never done before. Of course, the woman comes in and immediately asks if the two are in a romantic relationship, to which they both quickly replied no. However, the woman seems to already tell that the two are interested in each other. The woman teases Ichika, asking her why she is this worried about Kaito if indeed she does not have any feelings for him. Ichika is too stubborn to give her a true response. At the height of their argument, Tetsurou comes in, wondering what is going on. Apparently, the woman in question was his older sister, who usually returns to town whenever she and her husband get in a fight, usually for the most ridiculous of reasons.

The awkwardness between the two seems to have died down and both left Tetsurou’s house. To get their minds off of yesterday, Katio asks if she can help him study, to which she eagerly replies yes. That night, Kaito was studying hard with the aid of Ichika. She does not even let him relax until the gets the subject down correctly. Even at lunch time the next day, Ichika gets him from his classroom so that he can study as he eats his lunch. Kanna, Tetsurou, and Mio were glad that the tension between the two waned as Kaito and Ichika seem happier now. Kaito continues to study all the way to the final examinations. Finally, the exams were over, and their summer vacation officially starts here. However, unlike any other vacation, this will be one summer that none of them will ever forget.

Progression of the story seems to go rather smoothly, including the interactions between Kaito and Ichika. It definitely is suffering to be on the receiving end when someone like Ichika is in a bad mood. I almost feel sorry for Rinon for being treated in such a way. In any case, I am starting to look forward the relationship of all six of the characters when everything is said and done, particularly the pentagonal relationship. Exactly who is going to end up with whom? Will all go through the same fate at the previous Onegai series did? Only time will tell.

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