Recorder to Randoseru: Episode 4

Let him go out with the girl he likes already!

Atsushi’s class was getting ready for physical education class. Tetsuya races Atsushi to see who can change the fastest. As they were doing so, Moriyama Futami, his homeroom teacher, comments about the excitement the students are having before class. When Atsushi takes his shirt off, Moriyama-sensei gets flustered and runs away, much to the boy’s confusion. At PE class, students are asked to partner up and perform some stretches and other exorcises. Atsushi, for good reason than not, tells her that he does not have a partner. Moriyama-sensei happily tells him that she would be her partner. Although Atsushi is happy, Moriyama-sensei looked as though she said the wrong words. When he hugs her out of joy, she quickly turns away again, again, much to his confusion.

Back inside the school, Moriyama-sensei talks to a senior teacher about her problems. Because she came from an all-girls school, she was not good with men. She thought that it would be okay if she were teaching primary school students, but now wished to be a kindergarten teacher. Nakimura-sensei, the teacher she was talking to, quickly tells her that Atsushi is a special case. It is not everyday a primary school student was as tall as an adult. Around after school, Tetsuya accidentally calls Moriyama-sensei his mother, which Takumi teases him of. While Moriyama-sensei is not bothered with him calling her that, for she believes children sometimes make those mistakes, Hina does the same, calling Atsushi her father, which make Atsushi cry.

After school, Hina and Atsushi walk back home. Hina states that there have been some scary people lately and that the school talks about these matters as well. Atsushi tells her coolly that there’s no need to worry if she walks home with him, to which Hina is very happy about and holds his hand. Atsushi is on a lookout for any scary people, but his actions mislead some people to believe that he is one of those scary people. Atsushi is then seen crying at home, lamenting that he is unable to protect the girl he likes. Atsumi comes back home, immediately asking him what was going on.

I understand his actions look suspicious, but Atsushi is just a grade-schooler. He should not have been treated in such a manner like that. It pains me to see that he is going through all of this due to some misunderstandings. Keep fighting, Atsushi. You’ll eventually walk with the girl you like home without having any adults or police chasing after you.


2 thoughts on “Recorder to Randoseru: Episode 4

    • It is more of I cannot think of anything else to write about at the moment besides anime and the like. Nothing is really going on in school that is, in my opinion, exciting or rage-worthy as of yet, and life so far has been pretty decent for me. I have not met any road blocks yet, although I am sure they are going to come sometime in the future. It is pretty quiet on this side of the computer. If I do have something I really want to take off my chest, I will make sure you will be the first one to read it. How is life so far in your area?

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