ISML Preliminary 1: Day 1 Results

I am going to try something out by writing the matches in this kind of style. Someone should tell me whether or not I should continue writing as such and stick to just a general analysis and thoughts about each match.

Over the Top Rope Match: Angel Domination.

And what a way to kick off ISML Season 5, as these seven competitors preform about what one is to expect in a contest as such. Hotogi Shirayuki and Reki made a temporarily alliance as they send poor Takakura Himari out of the ring first. Kanade impressively grabs both Inui Sana and Reki over her shoulders and over the top rope. Shirayuki tried to avenge Reki by attacking Kanade, but Kanade easily makes quick work of her, hitting her with the Angel’s Wings (Spinning Lifting Sitout Double Underhook Facebuster) before sending her over the ropes. Sakura Kyōko was going to powerbomb Tōwa Erio out of the ring, but Erio uses the ropes to her advantage and uses Kyōko’s own momentum against her, sending her to the floor. With Erio staggering on the apron, Kanade finishes the job with a beautiful triangle dropkick to the face. While Kanade stands victorious as she usually is, Erio and Kyōko actually had a brawl sometime after the match was over. It was intense to the point that officials had to break the two girls away by force. It does not look like these two girls are going to be friends anytime soon. We may expect to see something big if both of them manage to make it to Regular Season, which is quite probable.

Over the Top Rope Match: The Black Cat Strikes Again.

As the second match brew underway, one can be certain that it was only going to get more exciting that the first. Gokō Ruri easily sends Shinonome Nano over the rope, who was doing every bit she can to stay alive using literally every part of her body. Tsugumi, who is also quite intelligent and cat-like herself, thought she sent Ruri over the top rope to deliver a major upset, but Ruri managed to stay on. Tsugumi was then eliminated by Shimada Minami, who was almost eliminated by Tomoe Mami, but Minami still rung onto the ropes. Mami noticed this and tried to finish Minami off, but Minami brings her to the outside apron with her. The two were fighting until Mami manages to kick her off the ring. Before she was able to get back, Kanade kicks her in the face, sending her to the floor. While Kanade was busy taunting Mami, Yozora send her over and out of the ring, allowing Mami to throw Kanade into the steel steps. Before Yozora was able to turn around, Ruri hits the Mascera (Leg Trap Knee Neckbreaker) before sending her over the top rope. Ruri proves once more that this is one cat you do not wish to mess with.

Over the Top Rope Match: Squid Invasion Fails; Cuter Darkness Leads!

This is probably one of the most bizarre matches if anything. Ika-Musume, being the kind of girl she is, decides to grab all of her opponents with her tentacles and lifts them high in the air. Apparently, there was no rule regarding what to do with these tentacles since last year. Once again, being the type of girl she is, she decides to throw the girls off one by one rather than sending them all down the to floor. She easily throws Ayase Chihaya, Kunieda Aoi, and Oikawa Tsurara in order first. Before sending away Kasugano Sora, Sora remembered having some leftover shrimp rolls from before when she id not feel hungry while eating lunch with her brother. When she threw a small box of it over the ropes, Ika-Musume quickly smells it and chases after it, dropping Kaname Madoka and Eucliwood Hellscythe into the ring, but still brings Sora with her to the floor. Having nothing else to do, the two fought as if it was a one-on-one match. During the match, Mami comes over with a chair and slides it to Madoka. Madoka uses the chair to her full advantage, hitting the Red Ribbon Road (Reverse Swinging Neckbreaker) on Eucliwood right into the chair. To seal her fate, Madoka climbs to the top rope, and was about to perform the Arrow of Love (Diving Tornado DDT), but Eucliwood somehow catches her in midair, hitting her with her own finisher, the Gateway to Revival (Kneeling Belly-to-Belly Piledriver), driving her head to the steel chair. After that, Eucliwood throws Madoka, whose eyes are clearly glazed over, over the top rope and onto the floor.

Over the Top Rope match: French Galore.

When the bell rang, Gasai Yuno quickly wasted no time here, pulling idol Kisaragi Chihaya by the hair and throwing her out first in such a crude manner. Apparently, Taneshima Poplar was too short to be seen throughout most of the bout. She could have used this to her advantage, but Yuno was able to see her and throw her over the ropes in the same manner that she did to Chihaya. You would think that Charlotte and Houki would team up and help throw everyone out, but that is not the case here. When Wendy Marvell attempted to knock both of them out, Charlotte pushed herself out of the way, making Houki the only one over the top rope. Of course, Charlotte took the distracted Wendy over the top rope as well. Matsumae Ohana wasted no time trying to build some momentum by attacking the two at the same time. Before she was about to throw Yuno over the top rope, Yuno stops her in her tracks, brings her closer to her, and hits the Second Diary (Brainbuster, with theatrics) on her before throwing her over the rope. With Yuno’s domination, one would think she would win this bout easily; however, overconfidence can be the greatest enemy here. Yuno lunges herself at Charlotte, but Charlotte uses the ropes to hang on while Yuno continues to fall to the ground, marking Charlotte’s victory for tonight.

Over the Top Rope Match: Tuning up the Band.

Following the Nova side, Stella needed to make sure it brought just as much entertainment as the earlier matches. Konjiki no Yami quickly extends her hair to throw Tsukimiya Ayu and Kuchiki Rukia over the top rope. Rukia tried to use her ice magic to freeze her hair, but she thought of the solution a bit too late. Meanwhile Kawashima Ami and Sakagami Tomoyo were having their own brawl throwing punches and kicks everywhere until Tomoyo delivers a power superkick that sens her flying over the top rope. It was down to the final four, but none really wanted to take Yami on with her powers. Nymph and Tomoyo made a quick alliance to take her out. While Yami focused attention to Nymph and sent her over the top rope, Tomoyo manages to send Yami over the top rope as well. While Tomoyo seemed to gain the upper hand, the former tiara champion Akiyama Mio was not about to let the crowd down just yet. When Tomoyo was about to deliver yet another superkick, Mio moved just in time for her legs to be tangled in the top rope. Mio took full advantage of his and pushed Tomoyo over the top rope, securing her victory.

Over the Top Rope Match: For Britain!

No one really wanted to face Emna Ai head on due to her rather frightening aura, but Kawasumi Mai, the demon slayer, easily took the challenge. After sending her over the top rope, Mai then clashed swords with Saber, which also took up most of the ring until Saber manages to knock her off balance and send her to the top rope. I do not know how swords were allowed in this match. After that, Sanzen’in Nagi would send a distracted Chii, who was enjoying the clash between Ai, Mai, and Saber, over the top rope. She then tried to send Hirasawa Ui over the top rope. She was almost able to do so, but Ui was holding onto the ropes tightly and managed to drag Nagi with her until Last Order flips both of them over and out of the ring. Clearly, there was a height difference and possibly a large difference in strength between these two characters. Saber did not wish to fight her at first, but apparently had no choice when Last Order looked eager to take her on. To fight fairly, Saber would fight on her knees. While Last Order would get an advantage here with her build and speed, when she went to the top rope, Saber would grab her and gently dropped her to the floor.  Not really the most exciting way to end the match, but it goes to show that Saber still holds her chivalry views strongly.

Other matches (Highest vote count to lowest vote count):

  • Nova 4: Yui, Fear Kubrick, Himeji Mizuki, Shionji Yūko (Alice), Tsurugi Minko, Inami Mahiru, Yune
  • Nova 5: Nakamura Yuri, Honma Meiko, Konoe Subaru, Ayuzawa Misaki, Shinomiya Ayase, Morishima Haruka, Takahara Ayumi
  • Stella 8: Suzumiya Haruhi, Furukawa Nagisa, Furude Rika, Lucy Heartfilia, Uiharu Kazari, Ryōgi Shiki, Evangeline A.K. McDowell
  • Stella 9: Senjōgahara Hitagi, C.C., Ikaros, Ibuki Fūko, Yin, Shinku, Kōzuki Kallen
  • Stella 10: Sengoku Nadeko, Tōsaka Rin, Ichinose Kotomi, Takamachi Nanoha, Chrome Dokuro, Saginomiya Isumi, Hanato Kobato
  • Stella 12: Hirasawa Yui, Louise Vallière, Asahina Mikuru, Isayama Yomi, Ayanami Rei, Sōryū Asuka Langley, Kagura

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