KBM Male Division: Preliminary Period 2

KBM Preliminary Period II would immediately come underway on Valentine’s Day. I going to guess/joke that the first batch of characters are not going to have a lot of votes since everyone would be more concerned about their special other than a 2D male tournament such as this. Then again, this time, the preliminary period is much easier to complete. There are six matches each day, and each match would have eight characters. There are 48 matches overall, meaning that this would take up a span of eight days, thus containing 384 characters overall, unlike the near 3000 competitors from Preliminary I. In this case, you only need to vote for one character, and the top two of each group would advance to the main tournament: Round of 96. Because you only need to choose one character, all you have to do is click twelve times, and you are pretty much done. However, it may prove challenging if you have a number of favorites per group. In any case, I wish good luck to all of the characters out there and hope for the best.


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