Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai: Episode 4

It's her fault for unconsciously grabbing him in such a way, yet she's the one highly embarrassed.

Yuuta wakes up with Sora wrapped around him in a rather precarious position. Did she instinctively do that in her sleep? She must really loved Yuuta to be able to do that in her sleep. Miu teases him, telling him to stay like that for a while for her sake. Miu leaves him in that position while taking Hina to the bathroom. When Sora wakes up, she is obviously embarrassed and hits him in the head. Yuuta attempts to change, but already taking his shirt off makes Sora turn around. For decency, Yuuta tried to change in the bathroom, but Miu claims that he cannot due to the one hour rule when any girl leaves the bathroom. Hina is crying because she is hungry and there is no food prepared. Having no other choice, Yuuta had to change quickly in the bathroom to go buy breakfast for everyone.

Yuuta comes back with a multiple pieces of bread in his bag. Sora asks him how much it was, to which Yuuta tells her not to mind it. Yuuta leaves to work and tells her not to open the door to anyone. He says he does not want them to be lost, but he probably also is concerned about people figuring out he has some girls living at his place. As he goes to work, he meets Raika, Kouichi, and Shuntarou who were possibly waiting for him. Shuntarou somehow smells a girl’s scent in his body. While Raika and Kouichi distracts him, Yuuta finally was about to go to work. At home, Sora, Miu, and Hina decide what to do to pass the time. Hina explores the room, only to have Yuuta’s clothes fall on her. Miu checks her condition, but hurts her foot. Hina grabs something to wipe the milk spilled, but finds out what she used to wipe it was Yuuta’s underwear. Hina and Miu decide to wash Yuuta and their clothes, but Hina stops them, telling they cannot leave. Hina encourages her that if the three are together, the outside world would not be scary.

The three go to the laundromat together. Sora and Miu debate whether or not his underwear should be washed with their clothes. In the end, they decide to wash it separately. As they leave, they find a cheap food stand for them to buy ingredients from. Sora buys the ingredients, but is uncertain as to what to make with it. Hina picks some flowers, but they could only be placed in a water bottle. At home, Hina starts drawing on the wall, to which Miu follows along. In the kitchen, Sora is merely cutting things up, not knowing what to do. When an order comes to his house, Hina immediately tries to open the door, but Hina and Miu stop her because they do not know who it is. Miu tries to help Sora cook, but that also fails. Hina tries to help out but makes a mess as well. There is complete chaos in the house, but it is quite natural, since they are in a new environment and trying to adapt to it.

Sora receives a phone call Yuuta, who tells her that he might be late due to work. While Hina is sad that they would not eat together, Sora claims that they should cook something for him for working so hard for them. Yuuta comes home with an empty stomach and finds the kitchen burning. Yuuta comes home with a kitchen in a dirty mess, a drawn wall, and burnt food, However, after all of this, Yuuta still looks at them with a warm smile. Yuuta leaves to buy something, only to meet Sora outside. Sora asks him why he was doing all of that. Yuuta answers that, just for today, he wanted to see everyone happy. He also was happy because it has been a while since he told anyone that he was leaving while they tell him to have a safe trip. The day ends with everyone exhausted with Sora confessing to Yuuta in her sleep. Of course, Yuuta dose not take it too seriously.

Already, we are starting to see the effects of Yuuta’s disadvantages of living with three younger girls. While things are in chaos and everything is in disarray, at least the entire family is still happy. However, they cannot be happy for too long. How long will it be until their summer vacation is over? What about school for Sora and Miu, who easily live much farther away when they were at home? And who will take care of Hina while all three of them go to school? All these things have to be taken into consideration as well as money and the like. Can Yuuta keep up, or will it get to him eventually? Only time will tell.


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