ISML Preliminary 1: Day 2 Results

It looks like I made a mistake here. I thought it would act like 2011’s preliminary 3 where those who did not make the cut were unable to go to the next round. So, that was what my acquaintance meant when he said it was going to follow a shuffle motion. He meant in for for Preliminary 1, Day 3 and more. I thought that idea was for Preliminary 2. Major confusion on my part. In any case, with that in mind, it looks like its going to be harder for me to figure out a more creative way to do this, so I will just do this in a more normal fashion until a creative idea comes up. Results for Prelim 1: Day 2 goes as follows:

Stella 1 – Well, it was not hard to predict that Misaka Mikoto would rank first in all of this, being the defending Tiara champion. If anything, what surprised me was that Hecate was actually second after Index by three votes. It seems like the current Shana Season 3 is giving her a major boost in power more so than I thought it would. I originally thought it would not give her a big power boost, but I was easily wrong. Ezra at fourth was okay. It just means that Fairy Tail was not as strong as it appeared, as it did generally okay last year, but failed to make it in Regular Season.

Stella 2 – While Yuki won, she did not blast her opponents away as I would like her to have. It seems as though the drop in power last year was legitimate and not everyone mysteriously leaving. I hope that not to be the case. Everyone else behaved pretty much as expected.

Stella 3 – Azusa getting first was obvious. Shinobu getting second was not. It seems like Nisemonogatari gave her a high boost in power when she talked and made her appearance known. For her to have such a wicked amount of power, I know feel sad that Tsukihi and Karen are not a part of this as well. Both them would have easily made it to second place as well, and possibly made it to regular season had Nisemonogatari aired a few episodes before the nomination phase. This is bad timing in its finest once more. Everyone behaved as expected, and Fate and Kamio are easily getting no love.

Stella 4 – Nothing too surprising happened. Everyone behaved as originally thought. If anything, Shana is generating even more strength thanks to the timing of her final season.

Stella 5 – Again, nothing too surprising. Taiga just shows once again what a dominant force she is. Also, Rozen Maiden is not getting any love anytime soon.

Stella 6 – Hinagiku taking first place was obvious; however, Illyasviel taking second was not. It seems like the recent Fate/Zero and possibly Carnival Phantasm actually gave her much more of a boost than I thought it would. Kyou at 3rd with that score probably did not mean she was losing in strength. It could just mean she became much too powerful for her to handle now. As a Clannad fan, that hurts, but I am going to expect more from it in the future.

Nova 7 – It does not seem like even the top girls in the nomination period are going to leave a decent dent on those who participated in 2011. While Victorique winning was nice in and of itself, the newer characters like Kurisu at second are mid-tier at best, if that will be a good thing or not. Mayuri may have had a vote split with her, but, as I stated before, I doubt that was the problem. Kanon at 3rd was a nice surprise for me. I am glad that there is some support out there for her.

Nova 8 – Again, as I had stated previously, the newer girls are at most mid-tier at best. I did not mind that Kirino getting first here, but I would have liked it if Aria won that bout. Again, the newer characters are really not showing off any form of power than I would have liked them to have. Shouko at 3rd is about as far as she can go almost every time she came here. Hopefully, with this system, she has a chance of making it in.

Nova 9 – Finally, we at least have someone who could make some form of a dent: Kobato. However, if anything, I feel as though she is mid-high tier rather than top. She could easily be crushed by Yuri and Charlotte, but she has a more decent shot out of the entire newer cast to make a statement. Mato at second with a closer score to Kobato means that the currently airing Black Rock Shooter anime is helping her more so than I thought it would. Everyone else behaved the way they should have.

Nova 10 – Inori winning was not surprising. However, with a score like that, I doubt she cam beat Victorique or Kirino. Again, she is at most mid-tier. Irisviel at second means that Fate/Zero is helping her in a good way in terms of popularity. Everyone else behaved more or less as expected.

Nova 11 – Sena makes it to first with an impressive. I find it funny how some people think that Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is going to be last year’s Angel Beats! when it fact they are not. Neither Kotabo to Sena can even touch any of the top AB! characters even if they wanted to. It is simply not going to happen. iDOLM@STER is easily not getting any love if their best bet came in last of the group. Everyone else behaved more or less as expected.

Nova 12 – It seems like I underestimated Homura too much. I am quite glad she is leages away from the rest of the PMMM class; however, with a score like that, she is not going to beat Kirino or Victorique at any given time. Asami getting second and close to Homura was a surprise. While could have sworn she would not do well after her performance last year, but AB! is still backing her up. Everyone else did more or less as expected.


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