Another: Episode 5

Kouichi rushes to the hospital, confirming that she did die as she was talking to him through the elevator. The next day, Mei is seen coming to school. Kouichi tells her about Sanae’s death while a majority of the class keeps a watch on him. During a self-study class, Yuuya wonders if Ms. Mikami also has a serious illness similar to that of what was happening so far. Kouichi asks if there was a direct relation of the two deaths, to which he turns his eyes away. With possibly no one to rely one, he goes to the library to check out some information. To his surprise, he finds out that his mother was a part of the class when the Misaki incident happened. It seems like the man in charge of the library remembers her. I wonder how long he has been working in this school. Anyway, Izumi comes in and tells him that a teacher wishes to see him. Before he goes, she tells him sorry in advance. What could the meaning behind it be?

In the office, the police were investigating Kouichi on possible information they could use to figure out this case. Kouichi asks what happened, to which one of them answered that the wire for the elevator snapped. After the investigation, Kouichi returns to school, only to figure out no one was there. His teacher tells him that he could leave. Upon asking where everyone is, he only responded to tell him to uphold the class rules. After school, Kouichi asks Yuuya and Ikuo if they want to walk home together. Apparently, they were all at a meeting room to take care of some things. Yuuya tells him to try to deal with whatever happens to him in the future. Before actually dealing with it, Kouichi asks if he can have the school roster. Unlike the other students, Ikuo was actually willing to tell him the mysteries of Class 3-3. As soon as he said he will answer anything he asks, I automatically knew that there was going to be a death flag set on him. Before he was even able to answer the first question Kouichi asks, Ikuo gets a heart attack. And what perfect timing that was. I knew he would die, but I did not expect for it to be so soon. It was almost as if life itself was trolling Kouichi whenever he wants to know more about these curses.

The next day, Kouichi comes in, but the atmosphere is quite different than before. It seems like Ikuo did die from that attack. Whenever he wanted to know what was going on, the students would turn their eyes away from him. They did not even wish to look at him. When he tried calling Teshigawara, even he did not answer back on his phone nor when he actually sees him. Kouichi seems to start to understand what it is that was going on in the classroom. After school, Yuuya apparently gave him a note and a list of the class roster. Kouichi immediately goes to the doll exhibition where Mei was. Kouichi deducts, after what has happened to him so far, was that Mei does exist. Like her, the class was ignoring him as though he was non-existent. He also concludes that the doll exhibition was her house and the studio was named after her mother’s surname. When he knows all of that, Mei asks him to follow her to an elevator behind the curtains of the exhibition.

Kouichi finds himself inside her house. Mei tells him that, just for today, he could ask her any questions that he wanted to ask. Kouichi asks why they are doing this to them. Mei gives him her insight on the story. It seems like whenever the class roster increases by one, someone dies each month. This happened a year after the Misaki incident when they find out that there was one desk and chair missing in the classroom. Apparently, the school records were useless because it was somehow inconsistent. Also, along with the school records constantly changing, everyone’s memories was altered. Since the class was close to death, Mei believes that this extra person is, in fact, someone who is supposedly dead, but does not know they are dead. They are unable to discern who is the one among them who should have have existed with them in the first place. Of course, the class tried various ways to deal with the problem. The one solution that seems to be working was to treat someone as of they did not existed, i.e. the situation Mei and Kouichi were in now.

I knew I was going to fall for Mei sooner or later, but did this episode and the preview for the next episode made Mei much cuter than before? It was probably because Mei decided not to play in a dark atmosphere and reveal her true self to him, now that he somehow knows the situation in hand. A member in a forum I visit posted something about what Mei said. The poster wrote that Kouichi may the the dead person Mei was referring to. It would make sense since Izumi claims to know him, but Kouichi himself believes he has only stayed here a couple of times. Could her and possibly everyone else’s memories be altered and he was the one walking around dead? I am starting to agree with this speculation, but even that could be a possible red herring that the author wants us to believe. This is why I’m not so great with mystery-themed works. I always over think the information given when the answer is something else. I just want to watch the ending soon and get the “Ah, so that’s it,” moment when everything is said and done. Until then, I will wait and see how everyone else would think and fare here.


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