ISML 2012: Preliminary 1: Day 4 Fantasy/Prediction

Again, with data, it is a bit easier to predict how these matches are going to go. Relying on nominations was a mistake on my part. Next time I try to initially think how strong a girl is, I will rely both on nomination and my own gut feeling on how strong they are and balance the two out. In any case, here are my thoughts for Day 4. Again, there may be some variables that could alter this, but that shall be dealt with later:

Stella 1: Hirasawa Ui vs. Louise Vallière vs. Misaka Mikoto vs. Ryōgi Shiki vs. Takamachi Nanoha vs. Tsukimiya Ayu vs. Yin – It is pretty obvious that Mikoto is going to win this. Second place would highly be Louise thanks to the still airing Zero no Tsukaima F. Third place most likely would go to Ui. I highly doubt any of the remaining girls have a chance against her. Nanoha is too weak to do anything at this point.

Stella 2: Asahina Mikuru vs. Chrome Dokuro vs. Evangeline A.K. McDowell vs. Hecate vs. Nagato Yuki vs. Sanzen’in Nagi vs. Shinku – This is going to be a bit harder to guess. Without any question, first will go to Yuki. Second is going to be difficult to figure out. Hopefully, the condition of Nagi should be fixed now for her to go in full power. I heard there was technical difficulty concerning her name in the first hour of voting. It should be fixed how. By this time, Nagi should take second. Third place would be a toss up between Mikuru and Hecate. Hecate has been showing some strength thanks to a recent episode being semi-dedicated to her. I am going to place my bets on Hecate being third.

Stella 3: Chii vs. Index Librorum Prohibitorum vs. Isayama Yomi vs, Izumi Konata vs, Kōzuki Kallen vs, Nakano Azusa vs. Saginomiya Isumi – A bit easier here. Azusa should have no problem taking first place here. Second place will go to Konata followed by Index who should place third. Everyone else will be too weak to do anything to Index.

Stella 4: Ayanami Rei vs. Erza Scarlet vs. Hanato Kobato vs. Kawasumi Mai vs. Oshino Shinobu vs. Shana vs. Shiina Mafuyu – Shana, without question, is going to win this. Second place should go to Shinobu. With that surprising high boost in strength thanks to Nisemonogatari, Shinobu should easily go far the longer it airs. Third place should go to Mafuyu. I am going to doubt Fairy Tail’s strength. They are not going to do well here.

Stella 5: Aisaka Taiga vs. Enma Ai vs. Hiiragi Kagami vs. Kotobuki Tsumugi vs. Kushieda Minori vs. Sōryū Asuka Langley vs. Yūki Mikan – Taiga will be the victor of this match. Second place should go to Kagami followed by Tsugumi at third. Quite easy here.

Stella 6: Holo vs. Kagura vs. Katsura Hinagiku vs. Okazaki Ushio vs. Saten Ruiko vs. Shirai Kuroko vs. Suigintō – Hinagiku should not have a problem taking first place here, followed by Holo taking second place. Third place may have to be a toss up between the Toaru girls Kuroko and Saten. I think Kuroko has a higher chance here than Saten.

Nova 7: Gasai Yuno vs. Konoe Subaru vs. Oikawa Tsurara vs.Shionji Yūko (Alice) vs. Takakura Himari vs. Tsugumi vs. Victorique de Blois – If the results of the second day proved anything, it is that the new girls really need to step up to the plate if they want to reveal how impressive they are. First place should go to Victorique. Gasai Yuno will more or less get second, even with Mirai Nikki still airing. Third place will mostly be a toss up between Subaru and Yuuko. It seems to be leaning towards Subaru.

Nova 8: Ayuzawa Misaki vs. Kōsaka Kirino vs. Kunieda Aoi vs. Makise Kurisu vs. Matsumae Ohana vs. Shinonome Nano vs. Tsurugi Minko – Kirino has more reason than not to take first place. Kurisu is more or less taking second place. If she cannot beat Victorique, I doubt she can beat Kirino. Third place should go to Ohana. I do not believe that Minko would cause much of a vote split.for her.

Nova 9: Ayase Chihaya vs. Hasegawa Kobato vs. Inami Mahiru vs. Kanzaki H. Aria vs. Nakagawa Kanon vs. Shinomiya Ayase vs. Wendy Marvell – While this group consist of mostly newcomers, the outcome will not change. Kobato is going to win this one. Aria will take second. Kanon will take third. I was quite surprised that there is some support for her, which is a good thing, since I am a fan of her.

Nove 10: Kirishima Shōko vs. Kuroi Mato vs. Miki Sayaka vs. Morishima Haruka vs. Shinonono Hōki vs. Yune vs. Yuzuriha Inori – This will probably the hardest thing to predict of the day. I am still a bit skeptical about Inori’s performance in terms of strength. Even so, I think Mato is going to win here. Since she was close to Kobato when she fought her, she should take first place. Inori will come in second. Third is a bit hard to predict as well. I think Shouko and Sayaka are quite equal in terms of strength. I think Shouko is going to take third. I am still shaky with PMMM’s strength.

Nova 11: Elucia de Lute Irma vs. Irisviel von Einzbern vs. Kashiwazaki Sena vs. Minato Tomoka vs. Shiina Mayuri vs. Takahara Ayumi vs. Taneshima Poplar –  Again, this is another case where most of them are new here. First place should be taken by Sena. Second place would most likely go to Irisviel thanks to the recent Fate/Zero finished airing. Third place would most likely be Elsie. I do not think Mayuri will be strong enough to defeat her.

Nova 12: Akaza Akari vs. Akemi Homura vs. Aragaki Ayase vs. Astarotte Ygvar vs. Dalian vs. Kisaragi Chihaya vs. Mine Riko – This might be a bit tricky to figure out. I think Homura should be able to take out Ayase for first. Ayase would take second place, and Riko would most likely take third.


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