KBM Preliminary 2: Results 13-18 & Prediction 19-24

Group 13 – It was interesting for me to see Natsuki Shinomiya win this one by 139 votes. I do not know how, but Uta no☆Prince-sama flew off of my radar for some reason. Maybe I should look into their series more and make vote predictions concerning the Prince-sama series. Mystogan gets a close second at 137. Everyone else did weakly, as expected. Dracule Mihawk tried to get close, but he was a couple of votes shy of getting first place.

Group 14 – Not to my surprise, Ai Haibara advances to the next round at 154. I would have guess that she would stomp everyone, but she did not get the expected number that I wanted her to get: above 200. Monkey D. Luffy makes it in at 110 with  Portgas D. Ace very close behind at third. With three more votes, the two of them could have advanced to Round of 96 together, but it was not meant to be.

Group 15 – Interesting to see Hajime Saitō from the Hakuōki series getting in at 168. I never thought that they would be that strong. I may have to add more groups into my “to look out for” list. Ryoma Echizen getting second at 119 was about expected. Takumi Usui and Mephisto Pheles were both close to second place, but were unsuccessful in the end.

Group 16 – As expected, Shizuo Heiwajima stomps everyone with a score of 235. What is interesting is that both Shou Kurusu and Mikado Ryugamine get second place at 88. The good news is that there is someone who got a lower score than both of them; however, their scores are quite low as well. If any more higher ties come up, one or both of these men may be sent packing home.

Group 17 – And Izaya Orihara proves once again the kind of man he is with a high score of 262. Kazuha Toyama in second at 92 was expected.

Group 18 – Surprisingly, but not strangely, Shinsuke Takasugi wins with the highest score to beat thus far: 298. Everyone should keep an eye out for him and his immense power. I wonder if Izaya or Shizuo can beat him. Gin Ichimaru at second was expected.


Group 19 – If Shizuo can make it in, it is more or less likely that Kasuka will also make it to first as well. Garra seems to be the one who will take second. Rider (4th) may be able to draw swords with him for second.

Group 20 – A tough group to figure out. I think Kaito Kid is going to win first followed by Edward Elric who will place second.

Group 21 – This seems pretty obvious. Sougo Okita is going to win this one, and Kakashi Hatake is going to take second place.

Group 22 – I have Ayane Yano winning this one, since, again, Kimi ti Todoke has a stable fanbase no matter how many people vote. Second place may go to Kimihiro Watanuki, but there is Natsu Dragion and Ichirōta Kazemaru to consider as well.

Group 23 – I am not too familiar with most of the guys in this group. Maybe they are all even in strength? I will go for the Starry Sky combo of Iku Mizushima and Suzuya Tohzuki for now. But then, there is Tatsuma Sakamoto, who may get a Gintama boost here and win as well.

Group 24 – It looks like Alois Trancy will win this one. Keima Katsuragi can come in as a close second.


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