Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou: Episode 5

The story starts out with Tadakuni, Yoshitake, and Hidenori at a riverbank with another man. The three were discussing the author of a manga they were reading, trying to figure out who the author is. Every time they try to come up with an answer, the fourth man would talk back. When they asked who was he, he responded that he was the editor for the said manga artist they were talking about.

  • High School Boys and Dubbing – Tadakuni, Hidenori, and Yoshitake see three middle school girls who are having a lot of fun fooling around. Tadakuni suggest that they dub whatever it is that the girls were saying. Their created story was highly random (in order): an attempted murder, not ordering at a restaurant, making mochi balls, saving the world by blowing oneself up with a villain. In reality, the three girls were getting tired so they decided to buy some drinks, and the loser of rock, paper, scissors will be punished to buy for all of them. The three girls saw them, thought they were trying to hit on them, and left. They managed to dub that correctly.
  • High School Boys and Seniority – Motoharu meets up with his sister near the promenade. Apparently, she was with her high school friends as well. The four girls gang up around him when he introduced himself. Motoharu knows that they were all going to toy with him and that it would be impossible to fight back. When he tries to act fool, his sister treated it was rudeness and hits him. The girls start their assault as they played with him by making him say silly things or making him look like a girl. The sister tells them that they should get going, and Motoharu takes the advantage of leaving home first. However, his sister tells him that her friends are coming over tonight, much to Motoharu’s dismay.
  • High School Boys and the Savior – The student council members, vice president, Motoharu, and Yoshiyuki, are asking Ringo if they can give them some of their schools equipment because they forgot to prepare theirs in advance. Ringo thinks that if she were to give it to them, she would be in trouble. The four enter a dark alley. The student council members stop them and almost begged her to give them her equipment. An outsider walks into the conversation, believing that she is getting pick up on by the boys, making them look like the bad guys. Three three of them agreed to play the role, and fought against him, but were easily wiped out. The boy walks away with Ringo, but Ringo stops to try to tell him about the situation, which the vice president stops. They do not want him to figure out the truth behind what they were doing. In the end, Ringo blunders, and their act is revealed.
  • High School Boys and Old Friends – Hidenori and Yoshitake were walking around when they meet up with an old friend. As the three were conversing, Hidenori and Yoshitake spot a girl who was clinging on him and glaring at them. The two decided to leave, but the friend insist that they eat with them. At McDonald’s, the friend continues to converse with them, but Hidenori and Yoshitake were still conccerned about the girl who was still glaring at them. When the friend brings up group dating, Hidenori could not take it anymore and told him to take care of his girlfriend. The friend laughs, saying that she is his sister. The dropped her contact lenses before, thus the reason why she was glaring at them, so he was taking her home. Of course, the two were angry that it was not cleared earlier.
  • High School Boys and the Biography of a Hero – Hidenori recalls the time when he was saved by a boy wearing a mask. When he was a kid, he was bullied due to his personality. The masked boy tells him that if he blows a whistle, he would come and help him. The next day he was bullied at the same shrine, without blowing the whistle, the masked boy appears and takes easy care of them. The bullies figured out who his was and runs away. To this day, Hidenori tries to live up to his example in standing up straight and having strength from the heart. As he walks to the shrine, he hears the canon that is played every time he appears. He runs to the shrine, believing he would see that boy again. It turns out that the hero in question was Yoshitake.
  • High School Boy and Literature Girl 3 – Hidenori goes to the riverbank at sunset to read again. However, the literature girl appears once again, standing behind him. Once again, the girl puts him in an awkward position, but the girl appears to be smiling. It is almost as if she was waiting for him to appear again. Could she be a possible modified stalker? Since he knows generally the type of person she is, Hidenori tries to act cool with similar lines from before; however, the girl does not seem to be pleased. Hidenori continues to think of cool lines until the girl is finally satisfied.
  • Resentment – Before the funky girls get to perform their skit, Yanagi claims that they way they are performing the opening is not correct, going as far as to make a K-On! movie reference. So, they tried the opening again, this time, with more “heart” into it. Yanagi attacks Toshiyuki, who was blocking her attacks. Ikushima tries to take a hold of him, but that backfires as well. They continue to ask why someone like him is still alive and walking around. Toshiyuki decides to take his hat off, revealing a large scar on his forehead. Yanagi and Ikushima immediately regret what they did. Apparently, the scar came from Haabra, who did that to him when they were children. Habara still regrets what happened, going as far as giving him fifty dollars while crying.

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