Nisemonogatari: Episode 5

Tsuhiki tells him that whatever she says about the situation, he should not get angry at Karen about it. Of course, Koyomi cannot help but be angry at her and Tsuhiki for hiding this from him. Tsukihi goes off topic and asks if Koyomi has ever regretted doing anything, to which he answers yes. She then goes on to create a term that is supposed to be a borderline between mad and very angry. Tsuhiki then wishes Koyomi to tell her the kinds of things he regret. She also goes on to ask why he does not have any friends, to which he answers every heroine that appeared in Bakemonogatari is. Tsuhiki gets dramatic, telling him that he does not have to open such wounds anymore. Koyomi tries to get a hold of the situation, but Tsubasa comes downstairs to quiet the two. Koyomi apologies, but the towel covering the lower part of his body fell, causing Tsubasa to scream.

Koyomi attempts to figure out what happened between Karen and Kaiki. Karen is seen entering his office. Like business, Kaiki asks her if she wants to know a curse or remove one, to which she answers to punch him. Karen tells him to stop what he is doing, but Kaiki responds that it is exactly what they wanted. Karen informs him that he ruining other people’s lives, so what was the point of doing this. The simple answer the formulates is money. Everything he has done thus far was for money. Karen is disgusted, telling him she does not need money to do what she’s doing right now. Kaiki asked once more what she wants, and she answers again to hit him. Kaiki not only tells her that violence won’t work against him, but that what they are doing is one of the same. Karen does her deeds for the good while Kaiki does his for evil measures. While Karen’s righteousness is second to none, it does not work on a man who is purely evil in heart. Karen was easily trapped in her own plan before she realized it. Karen attempts to stand up once more, but Kaiki has already implanted a curse, the wreathe-fire bee sting, on her before she could do anything. Karen is paralyzed with the poison and possibly fear while Kaiki takes whatever she has in her wallet and leaves.

Koyomi decides to walk Tsubasa home Tsubasa asks whether or not Koyomi is still angry at Karen after the events that unfolded. Koyomi tells her that she would call him in advance if she wanted to help them, but Tsubasa claims he would be angry at her if she did. To make up with him Tsubasa presents him a piece of paper that allows him to touch her breasts for as long as he likes. Of course, Koyomi is jovial, but Tsubasa tells him she will hate him if he uses it, to which Koyomi rips the piece of paper. Tsubasa wonders where Meme is, to which Koyomi answers he is probably watching over them from somewhere. Once again, Tsubasa continues to show her way with words, yet she says that she only knows what she does already.

After they departed, Koyomi goes home to take care of Karen. Karen knew he would overreach to this; thus, she did not say anything. Koyomi brings her to his room and tells her to just do what he says. Karen wishes to take a bath, but that is not happening given her condition. Koyomi tells her to remove her clothes while he brings a warmed towel. When he returns, Karen remains in the same position, telling him to remove her clothes for her. Koyomi does exactly what and starts wiping down her body. As he does so, Karen tells him that even if she was not prepared for what was to happen, she cannot help but to confront him since what he was going was evil. She did not believe that someone that evil at heart with that mindset would exist outside of manga. Karen warns Koyomi that she and Tsukihi will continue to do this until they win. They could not let a man like that run loose.

Koyomi attempts to give her another wipe, but Karen claims that she was alright. She did not want him to get sick as well. This made Koyomi think of an idea. In the bathroom, he asks Shinobu whether it was possible to transfer her disease to him. Shinobu manages to think of one, but highly recommends him not to do it. However, Koyomi is willing to try anything to alleviate the curse from her. Back in his room, Koyomi grabs her from the shoulder and tells her he is going to kiss her…


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