Papa No Iukoto O Kikinasai!: Episode 5

Yuuto comes back tired after work, only to see Hina and Sora cleaning themselves. Of course, Sora screams and hits Yuuta. The next day when he goes off to work, the tension between him and Sora does not cease. Miu devises a plan so that something like that does not happen again. She divides the room such that they would be able to have some privacy from Yuuta. A phone rings. Apparently, Yuuta left his cell phone at home. The phone continues ringing until Hina accidentally taps it on. Shuntarou apparently found a part-time job for Yuuta to do, but he was not there to hear it. Miu then picks up the phone to answer him. A rather polite conversation occurs before the phone call was over. Miu claims that Shuntarou is a nice guy since he found a job for Yuuta. It is a good thing she did not see what happened after the phone call was over. Shuntarou apparently had her voice on repeat. Simply based on her voice, he was able to draw almost correctly her face and figure. Raika distracts him long enough to delete the recorded phone call.

Sora decides to return the phone to her, but before she does so, she decides to change into something more fanciful. Shyly, Sora enters the restaurant that Yuuta supposedly works in; however, due to embarrassment, she quickly leaves. Yuuta manages to see her and catches up to her. Sora hands him his phone, to which he thanks her dearly for. Sora, embarassed, leaves. Sora calls Miu to tell her she has done it, but Miu was more interested if he commented on her favorite attire she was wearing just for him. Sora ends the call because her battery was dying. When she looks around, she seems to have entered unfamiliar territory. It makes sense, given the short time she was lived here thus far.

The doorbell rings, but the person in question looked suspicious at first. Hina comes over with a transformation get-up, but the person wanting to get inside was their next door neighbor, who was giving them a watermelon as a gift. Her name is Atarashi Kurumi, who is a voice actress. Hina turns on the TV, only to have LunaLuna 7 appear, a show that should air in the morning. Kurumi states that she was voicing the episode Hina tuned in on. Both Miu and Hina were surprised she was a part of the LunaLuna 7 cast. Hina immediately assumes her to be the voice of Luna, which she denies. Miu asks her to voice act something, to which Kurumi does, but apparently leaves in the process. The two of them were confused until the exact same lines and pose was used in the show, which got Miu confused.

Sora tours around the uncharted area, meeting families and couples alike. She then enters a hardware store to buy poles, remembering the design Miu drew before. Upon going inside a bus, she realizes that the bus was going in the wrong direction. Yuuta calls home, but Miu states that Sora was not there yet. Yuuta calls Sora, who tells him she got on the wrong bus. When Yuuta asks if he should pick her up, Sora tells him that it is okay. When the call ceased due to her phone running out of batteries, some storm clouds appear at the distance. Yuuta was very worried. Kouichi happens to bump into him with yet another girl in his arm. Seriously, how many does he have. Even so, Kouichi is a good friend since he decided to help find Sora with Yuuta.

The storm passes over the city. Sora runs to find shelter, only to trip and hurt her hand. Sora recalls the time when something similar to this happened. Yuri was introducing the man whom she had been dating for some time with Yuuta. Yuuta was unable to accept that the two could marry since the man had two separate marriages already. Yuuta decides to think about this by himself. Meanwhile, Miu wanted to go to the bathroom. Sora helps her to the bathroom. When they were finished, the two spotted Yuuta at a lounge, still thinking deeply about Yuri and the person she was with. Miu runs away, to which Yuuta sees. Sora tries to run away as well, but fell and hurt her hand. Yuuta helps her by bandaging it. Sora thanks him, calling him Uncle, but he does not think she should call him that due to his age. In the end, Sora calls him “onii-chan.” Sora continues to walk in the rain until Yuuta manages to find her, much to her surprise.

The two take shelter at a bus stop. Yuuta bandages her once again. Yuuta recalls the time when he did something similar to this before. Sora was surprised he remembers. Of course, Sora remembers it well because it was the time that she started getting interested in him in a more romantic setting. Yuuta finally comments about the attire she was wearing, with Sora pouting that he should noticed earlier. Soon, the storm clears, revealing a beautiful sunset after the rain. Sora asks her if she can all him onii-chan again like what she called him before. Yuuta smiles and gives her permission to do so.

Yuuta and Sora finally returned home. Several hours later, he prepares to leave again thanks to the new part time job Shuntarou introduces to him. Again, Yuuta finds himself in position of seeing her in nothing but a towel. This time, the towel was about to fall down, causing Sora to scream. At the part time job, Yuuta was quite intrigued by it. His job is to make some mochi balls, but his co-workers are nothing but muscular men. The man in charge tells him not to say anything about this, since the commercials of the product had cute forest animals making the mochi instead.


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