Recorder to Randoseru: Episode 5

Atsushi’s class is preparing for Setsubun, a day where people throw beans at demons to ward off evil. Atsumi does not believe that they have that sort of costume here, but she thinks Take-nii, a man who lives next door to them, may have something like that. Upon going to his house, Take-nii claims that he has dome something like that in one of his part-time jobs. Of course, Atsushi is ecstatic about wearing the demon costume. At school, the fifth graders enter the second grader’s room. Of course, the children were happy at the various funny demons that the fifth graders dressed up in and throw beans at them. By the time Atsushi came in, the children were so frightened that they ran away without throwing any beans at him.

Atsushi talks with Tetsuya and Takumi, stating that one of the classrooms so far were throwing any beans at him. Takumi claims that he might get some thrown if he went to the third grader’s classroom. Indeed, the third graders did threw some at him, but Tetsuya and Takumi comment that they appear to be throwing them with all their might instead to showering it on him playfully. Moriyama-sensei enters the scene, wondering why there was screaming on a supposed fun day. Atsushi walks away depressed, but trips on some beans. He falls on top of Moriyama-sensei, landing his face directly on her chest and ending up in a suggestive position. Moriyama-sensei screams and runs away as well. Tetsuya comments on the scream while Atsushi commented on the rather soft landing.

Atsushi was walking home with Hina, Midori and Jun. All three of them stated that his demon costume was the best and wanted to see it. Atsushi answers the call, playing the playful demon role while the girls were smiling and running away. Out of the blue, a stranger comments on this, labeling him a pervert. The police overhears this, and they run after Atsushi, who runs for his life. Hina tries to stop them, but they were too far away to hear him. Back home, Atsumi asks him to wear the mask so she could throw beans at him, but Atsushi does not want to be a demon anymore. Atsumi returns the demon costume to Take-nii, thanking him for letting Atsushi borrow it. Take-nii had a similar experience as well. He states that his mother was throwing beans at him because she believes a demon is making him unemployed. Atsumi tells him to find a proper job already.


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