Ano Natsu De Matteru: Episode 6

Ichika was at the bath, reminiscing about what happened earlier. Kaito asks if Kanna told Tetsurou to tell him about her feelings, to which he answered no. Ichika wonders why he said that. Back home, Tetsurou appeared glum as he as making a mobile plane. Apparently, his sister came back to pack some stuff for a trip with her friends, but all of them had to cancel it for some reason. Instead, she gives the tickets to Tetsurou to go to Okinawa with his friends. Tetsurou takes up the offer and tells Kanna about it first. Kanna easily agrees to go, but Tetsurou tells her to tell Mio and Kaito about it as well. The conversation between Kanna and Katio was awkward at first, but the tow of them soon calmed down. When the conversation was over, Ichika, who overheard the conversation, asked what was going on. When Kaito revealed to her what Okinawa is, she immediately wishes to go there no matter what. Kaito prepares for what should be a relaxing trip; however, things were going to get more messier than it should.

At Okinawa, Tetsurou and Kaito were easily surveying the women at the beach, since they are young adolescence. Kanna and Mio are the first to appear to them. Kanna wore quite an appealing bikini, which Kaito complimented her on. Tetsurou teases Mio about covering herself with a sweater, but Mio states that she is quite weak against sunlight. Ichika and Lemon appeared last. With her large bust and slim body, Ichika easily makes her attire look hot. Lemon was wearing a school swimsuit, which is quite normal in Japanese animation when dealing with lolis and beaches/poolside. In any case, with everyone here, the fun has begun, and everyone easily has a good time.

Of course, after the fun was over, Lemon claims that it was time to start filming. She believes this would add some spice in the movie, stating that Ichika will now be in Okinawa as a hideout spot to run away from the MIB. Not surprisingly, as they were shooting, they quickly garnered other people’s attention. Two people came up to them and asked what they were doing. During the conversation, one of the girls recognizes Kaito, calling Umi-chan. The girl in question was Kinoshita Kaori, Kaito’s elementary school friend. Apparently, both of them were declared as couples back then, since it was a popular thing to do. While Kaito treated this as a joke, Kaori was quite serious about their relationship back then. Of course, Ichika and Kanna were staring at him with death’s eyes. Arisawa Chiharu, Kaori’s friend, immediately gains interest on Tetsurou, asking him if he has a girlfriend yet, to which he answers no. Already, the boys are having a hard time as the girls are setting their eyes on an apparent love rival. Of course, Lemon enjoyed every second of this.

Back at the villa at night, Kanna and Ichika were happily conversing about what happened today as Katio and Rinon were unable to do anything but fear their malicious presence. The topic of Kaori eventually came up. Kaito claims there is nothing going on between the two of them, but Ichika and Kanna think otherwise, claiming that he might run away with her to the forest at the beach. Tetsurou and Mio gleefully listen to their conversation, but Mio is unable to forget his possible new relationship with Chiharu. Chiharu apparently hears her name and comes into the house from the porch Mio and Tetsurou were at. Lemon apparently brought her and Kaori inside the house, stating that Kaori will now be a part of the cast as a special guest. Obviously, Lemon has something in mind here. Of course, Kanna and Ichika disagree with her assessment. Kaori asks Kaito if either of them are his girlfriends, who which he replies no. Meanwhile, Chiharu was constantly talking to him about various things.

The next day, all eight of them met at a spot to film their movie. After the shot, Kaori and Chiharu continue to flirt with Kaito and Tetsurou respectively. Unable to handle it, Tetsurou asks if he can get something from the villa, to which Lemon gives him permission to. Kanna wonders why Tetsurou has not been all over her yet, to which Mio responds that he is more delicate that she thinks. Before they realized it, Kaori, Chiharu, Katio were not among them. Kanna quickly points out something is wrong here. At the forest, Kaito asks Kaori what’s wrong. Katio has not forgotten her habit of biting her finger whenever she is worried about something. Kaori asks what if she was still in love with him after all this time. She recalls last night that he told her there was not anyone he loved. He reminded her that he told her he did not have a girlfriend, but there is someone whom he is seriously in love with. Of course, Kaori cries when she hears that. Meanwhile, Tetsurou was at his room. Of course, he was not looking for anything in particular, so he was just going to grab anything from his bag. Chiharu sneaks in from behind and hugs him playfully. She then goes on to try to kiss him, but Tetsurou is stopping with all his might to not let her do so. Mio comes in just in time to knock her over, but Chiharu lands on Rinon in the process. Tetsurou and Mio find themselves in a rather unceremonious position. At the jungle, Kanna and Ichika continue to search for Kaito and Kaori. Ichika manages to find them just. Just before Kaito and Kaori were about to get close to each other, Ichika makes her appearance. Lemon forsees that none of them will come back to the filming sight.

And the breakdown begins now. The love shapes are starting to break apart as the main heroines and the new rivals are about to take it to the extreme with their love. Similar to what has happened in Onegai Sensei, the love usually blossoms during a supposedly normal summer trip. Unlike Onegai Sensei, I do not recall any mysterious love rivals approaching from out of no where. Still, I am expecting some form of action, be it emotional or sexual, to come down by the next episode. I am looking forward to the drama that may be recorded in Lemon’s camera.


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