ISML Preliminary 1: Day 4 Results

As second half of round two if the first preliminary phase ends, the tension to see who will quickly make it to the top is that much important. Each character has to make every effort to try their best to make a good showing; otherwise, they will have to try again. While that in and of itself is not a bad thing, it is a major advantage to not fight in any more matches and quickly obtain the spot at Regular Season. For today, either the amount of people voting has decreased, or the votes are more spread out. Let’s see how the girls did:

Stella 1 – Not to my surprise, Mikoto blast her competition away, coming in at first place. Second place goes to Louise, which is not surprising. Third place is taken over by Hirasawa Ui. There seems not to be a lot of love for Takamachi Nanoha. She really needs to try hard if she wants to get back into Regular Season once more.

Stella 2 – Nagato Yuki also made quick work of her opponents, getting first place. As expected, Sanzen’in Nagi takes second place. It seems like the problem with Nagi has been fixed, and she is now performing the way she should. Asahina Mikuru takes third place, which is not too surprising. Hecate at fourth may mean the boost from the final series was not as strong as originally perceived.

Stella 3 – Nakano Azusa tackles her opponents down and takes first with ease. Izumi Konata takes second while Index L. Prohibitorum was third. Results were expected.

Stella 4 – Shana burns her competition away, taking first place easily. Oshino Shinobu takes a strong second place. It looks like the Nisemonogatari series is giving her the well-needed staying power she needs to possible make it to Regular Season. Shiina Mafuyu takes third place, but performed a bit weakly than before. At least, she is still making a statement for herself.

Stella 5 – First place is easily taken over by Aisaka Taiga. Hiiragi Kagami and Kotobuki Tsumugi take second and third place respectively. There was no surprise here.

Stella 6 – Katsura Hinagiku takes first place, but is performing a bit weaker than she should. Hopefully, it should be enough to make it to Regular Season without going  through preliminary again. Still doing well for herself, Holo takes second place. Surprisingly, Okazaki Ushio takes third place. The Toaru girls Kuroko and Saten take fourth and fifth respectively. It seems like a vote split has occurred between them that allowed Ushio to take over at third. Groups with more than one representative need to be very careful in group matches such as these.

Nova 7 – Victorique de Blois easily takes first place. The new girls are really need to start to get their act together if they want to be a fighting force come Regular Season. Interestingly enough, Konoe Subaru takes second place while Gasai Yuno takes third. I would have thought it was the other way around. Yuno should have no excuse to be weaker than usual. I wonder what happened.

Nova 8 – Kōsaka Kirino edges out to first, keeping a decent gap between her and second place Makise Kurisu. Kurisu may be able to make it Regular Season at the second preliminaries, but not this one. Surprisingly enough, Ayuzawa Misaki takes third place. I could have sworn that Matsumae Ohana would have gotten third, but she either was not as strong as I thought she was, or she garnered a vote split with Minko.

Nova 9 – Hasegawa Kobato completely dominated her group by taking first place. Kanzaki H. Aria gets second with a decent score herself. Third place goes to Nakagawa Kanon. I am quite glad she is still getting some stable love here.

Nova 10 – Not to my surprise, Kuroi Mato gets first place. It seems as though she is getting a lot of help thanks to the Black Rock Shooter anime still airing. Yuzuriha Inori gets second, but it is highly likely that we will see her in Regular Season. Third place goes to Kirishima Shōko, who still has some staying power left in her.

Nova 11 – First place goes to Kashiwazaki Sena, who wasted no time dominating her group. Irisviel von Einzbern and Elucia de Lute Irma take second and third respectively. There was no surprise here.

Nova 12 – Akemi Homura continues to win her group with a decent score at first. Mine Riko takes second place without any problems, and Aragaki Ayase follows close behind at third.  The results were as expected.


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