KBM Preliminary 2: Results 31-36 & Prediction 37-42

Group 31 – Not to my surprise, Shinichi Kudo takes first place with a very high score of 297. He could be one of the few people who may be able to dominate KBM alongside with Durarara!! and Gintama. To my surprise, Killua Zoldyeck takes second place at 154. I did not really expect someone from Hunter x Hunter to appear, but he did quite well for himself. The remainder of the characters were unable to get close to the second place score.

Group 32 – Takashi Natsume easily gets first place at 226. Sagaru Yamazaki takes second place at 156. Nothing too surprising here.

Group 33 – Interestingly enough, both of the Orihara sisters were unable to make to cut. In fact, they did quite poorly compared to their boost from the first prelims. Not really surprised, Terumi Afuro makes it at first instead with 166 votes. I was surprised that Kazuyoshi Usui makes second place at 126. Maybe Sket Dance was more popular that I thought it would be.

Group 34 – Kamui easily makes first place with a dominant score of 298. in respect to his score, everyone else performed quite weakly, but Miwako Sato gets second place at 107.

Group 35 – I was caught off guard that Mamoru Endou takes first place at 143. Shuuichi Natori gets close at second place with a score of 141. Sai got close, did not exactly make it to the cut, thus unable to go to Round of 96.

Group 36 – Toshiro Hitsugaya won with a score of 202. I believe he performed better than he did with the first prelims. Otoya Ittoki gets second place with 134 votes, which was not that surprising as well.


Group 37 – This group has some really tough people. It is a shame they are all in the same group. Kagura should have no problem taking everyone out, and second place would most likely go to Rin Okumura. Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi might get a split vote, and Ryu Sanada will not be able to do much with Rin and Kagura are together.

Group 38 – Ciel Phantomhive should easily blast his opponent at first place. Touma Kamijo or Tokiya Ichinose might take second.

Group 39 – Fullmetal Alchemist may be getting a major split vote with one strong character and two mid-tier characters. Roy looks to take first place. If the split is significant, it should go to Jun Satou or Kubinashi. If not, Alphonse Elric should win.

Group 40 – Gintoki Sakata should have no problem taking first place. Second place may go to Sawako Kuronuma or Elizabeth.

Group 41 – Byakuya Kuchiki should have no problem getting first place. Second place could go to Roronoa Zoro or Moritaka Mashiro.

Group 42 – Rikuo Nura seems to be the person getting first place here. Ume Kurumizawa should be able to take second place here.


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