KBM Preliminary 2: Results 37-42 & Prediction 43-48

Group 37 – Not to my surprise, Kagura completely decimated her competition with a high score of 285. Sadly, none of the remaining characters came close to her score. Rin Okumura manages to take second place at 144, and who can blame with the other tough competition. Ritsu Onodera and Ryu Sanada tried their best; however, in the end, they were unsuccessful in making it to the second round.

Group 38 – Ciel Phantomhive takes first place with a very impressive score of 290. Maybe Ciel as well could be a major factor to go against with the other big factions who are heavy with representatives, particularly Gintama. Like Kagura from above, neither of the characters were able to get close to his score. Touma Kamijo edges out second place with 111 votes with Kaname Tsukahara mere three votes away from him.

Group 39 – Roy Mustang takes a strong first place finish with a score of 263. The relative good news is that the number of people who started to vote here increased. Jun Satou was able to take second place at 176, and no one else was able to get near his score. Alphonse and Armstrong were not as strong as I thought they would, but I guess I should not be surprised about that.

Group 40 – Gintoki Sakata has possibly the highest score of the Preliminary 2 phase, crushing his competition with a beautiful score of 365. Gintama really is on a role here. Maybe it is finally time for them to take the grand prize that they were unable to get after many tries. It is safe to say that the remaining contestants were not within reach of his score, but Sawako Kuronuma did make it to second place with a score of 143.

Group 41 – Roronoa Zoro takes first place with a high score at 248. Interestingly enough, no one was able to catch up to him. Byakuya Kuchiki takes second place with a score of 118. Moritaka Mashiro had a handful of votes away from Byakuya, but was unable to take him over in the long run.

Group 42 – Not to my surprise, Rikuo Nura takes first place at 218. Ume Kurumizawa was able to take second place at 147. Nothing too surprising to notate.


Group 43 – While split votes could indeed be a factor, I doubt it would do much to them. Since the remainder of the characters are pretty weak, Shinra Kishitani and Certy Sturluson should have no problems taking both spots to get to Round of 96.

Group 44 – Other area where split votes can occur, but again, I doubt it is going to be a problem here. Masaomi Kida and Kyouhei Kadota should be able to take the two spots in order to get to Round of 96.

Group 45 – It is interesting to see both of the Uchida brothers here. I have this odd feeling that only one of them is going to make it in, but the majority of their competition does not look to be that strong themselves. I think Natsu Dragneel is probably the only one out of the group that can also share a possible second place spot from them.

Group 46 – Anri Sonohara without question should be able to take first place. Second place  seems hard to figure out with everyone being either low or bottom tier. My guess goes to Akio Fudō or Tsukuyo.

Group 47 – Out of all the characters here, Kaname Tanuma seems to be the one who is able to take first place. Second place could go to Kyousuke Kousaka.

Group 48 – Toushirou Hijikata should have to problems getting first place in this one. Second place looks to be leaning towards Uryu Ishida.


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