Recorder To Randoseru: Episode 6

Hina, Midori, and Jun were discussing about something that apparently had to deal with Atsushi, who was at his desk talking to Tetsuya and Takumi about video games. Hina walks up to Atsushi, asking him what kind of chocolate he likes. When Atsushi answers that he likes all of them, the girls were elated, even thinking about making homemade chocolate. Takumi immediately tells him that eating a lot of chocolate alone is bad for one’s health. Tetsuya follows with this claim, stating that they will help him eat his chocolate when he receives a lot of it. I guess Atsushi is very popular with the girls, so they wish to have some chocolate as well when he gets a lot.

Meanwhile, Sayo and Atsumi are shopping with each other. Atsumi spots a Valentine’s stand, stating that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Atsumi was glad she did not bring Atsushi with him; otherwise, she would have to struggle with his urges to buy some chocolate from the stands. To her demise, Sayo acts in a similar way that she envisioned Atsushi doing in relation to buying chocolate. At Atsumi’s house, the two were seen making some chocolate together. Atsumi asks Sayo if she was going to give it to someone she likes. Sayo responds that she will be handing out friendship chocolate instead, stating that she will give some to Atsumi as well. When Sayo asks her to make some chocolate for her as well, Atsumi claims to not mind it, but asks her if she would want to have what she was making currently. Atsumi appeared to be making something other than chocolate, but it is probably something extravagant in its own right. Sayo states that she will wrap whatever she gives her cutely.

On Valentine’s Day, Hina, Midori, Jun, and many other girls were lining up to give Atsushi some chocolate. Tetsuya and Takumi were seen in the background holding a box of chocolate of their own. They probably bought it themselves, but wrapped it cutely such that they can trick themselves into thinking a girl gave it to them. Coming back home, Atsushi bumps into Take-nii, who comments on his popularity given the amount of boxes he has. Atsishi states that he can now eat chocolate every day, but Atsumi tells him he could only eat a box per day. Atsumi opens one of the boxes for him, but Atsushi tries to stop her since it is Hina’s homemade chocolate. She opens it nonetheless, but finds a chocolate blob instead. Atsumi tells him that he may get an upset stomach by eating all of it, to which he agrees with.


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