ISML Preliminary 1: Day 5 Results

With thanks to the results based on the first two rounds, the final rounds become much more predicable to figure out. Then again, it makes sense, since data is a very helpful thing to have. I think what would be fun to predict it what Preliminary two is going to look like. Then again, I probably will not be able to give out even a close guess as to who is going to be where. In any case, the following match results written with more detail can be found here:

Nova 1 – And can you say complete dominance one more time? For the third day in a row, Tachibana Kanade completely decimates her opponents and takes over the world in vote count. There really is nothing that can stop this girl. It looks like not much is going to change for Regular Season unless the new girls do something about her or her colleges somehow get a boost enough to take her down. Until them, I am to expect that Kanade will get a perfect round once more.

Nova 2 – Again, nothing too surprising here. Gokou Ruri advances to the next round with a very impressive score herself. I think second place for Regular Season is going to be hers, given the way she has been preforming.

Nova 3 – Again, not to my surprise, Eucliwood gets first place and advances to the next round. While she is performing quite poorly here than she should, it is unclear, however, where she may place in the future. Given that there will be a second season of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka to be aired sometime in the spring, it may give her some form of a boost, if any. Still, I think the top three are set in terms of how Regular Season is going to appear. Heck, maybe the top six is probably already a given.

Nova 4 – Angel Beats! continues to be a dominating force to be reckoned with. Yui continues to amaze me with the amount of energy she brings to the table compared to a similar counterpart playing a similar instrument. In any case, I am to expect a lot of great things coming out from her.

Nova 5 – While amusing that the leader of the SSS is third in the AB! rankings, Yuri’s power is still something one should not mess with. With Yuri in Regular season, we finally have someone same in a group that already contains an angel, a sharp-tongued cat, a necromancer, and an overactive guitarist. Let’s see how much longer Yuri can stay here.

Nova 6 – Not to my surprise, Charlotte walks in this one and walks out with a favorable win. She should get a medal for one of the most interesting dark horses to appear in ISML. It is going to be interesting as to whom she is able to beat or not when she feels like it when more participants come to show her worth against those who have been in ISML before. So far, it seems likely than not that the previous girls from ISML are going to return on a strong note. These new girls better show off their worth in next day’s matches.

Stella 7 – Former Tiara bearer Mio wasted no time coming out of this match with a strong finish. It is going to take more than that to get her down to the count. To be fair, none of the girls appear to be strong to begin with when facing against her. Still, a win is a win, and Mio is heading back to another good year in ISML.

Stella 8 – Even with a boosted Fate/zero series, Illya was still unable to fight against goddess Haruhi and her domineering force. Haruhi walks out of this one with a lot of room to spare. It does not seem like Haruhi is willing to slow down just yet. Maybe the fall of the SHnY series only apples strangely to Yuki?

Stella 9 – While Hitagi won the match, the fight was surprisingly closer than expected. Tomoyo put up a rather good showing for getting near 500 votes to Hitagi. Is Hitagi starting to lose some steam despite having Nisemonogatari’s series mostly focused on her? Maybe she wanted to go easy just this once since she was locked on to win this one from the start. She should be careful; that kind of thinking may cost her more than it should.

Stella 10 – As expected, Nadeko wins this one with fair ease. While Clannad most likely suffered a split vote, it is still interesting how the main three Clannad girls are about equal in terms of strength. I would have expected Nagisa to at least be slightly lower than Kyou and Tomoyo, which was shown here. In any case, Nadeko now moves on to Regular Season. Let’s see how her performance will be with the help of an airing series semi-featuring her.

Stella 11 – Saber completely decimated her opponents like it was nothing. Having Excalibur and Avalon really helps in group performances such as this one. For me, what is interesting is how close C.C. and Yami were in terms of strength. I would have expected C.C. to be a lot stronger than that, but maybe she was weakened more considerably than I thought she would. In any case, I am looking forward to see if Saber can defy the odds here.

Stella 12 – This will probably be one of the most interesting matches Stella is going to have. While it may be true that Stella 12 was underwhelming, this was how the voters answered, thus how Stella 12 looks to be today. In the end, Rin seemed to have the upper-hand when this match started. She managed to widen the score just enough so that she will come out victorious in the long run. However, I fear this is not the last we have heard from Last Order. When she comes back to Regular Season this year, I expect some major explosions to occur as they fight to the death.


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