Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou: Episode 7

Tadakuni, Hidenori, and Yoshitake state that this is their last semester in high school. Yoshitake wishes that he would be a high school boy forever, to which Tadakuni state that it is impossible. Yoshitake meant that he would be a high school boy at heart; however, he claims that it does not matter since this anime will always feature them in high school.

  • High School Boys and Gags – Yoshitake attempts to perform something in front of Tadakuni and Hidenori using a crab, but they do not understand it. Tadakuni states that he is going to shoot milk from his eyes, but openly pours the milk in his eyes first before performing the stunt. Unable to stand this, Hidenori performs something as well. Releasing his strength, Hidenori opens his zipper without touching it.
  • High School Boys and Indoor Adventures – Hidenori is bored, and tells them they should act as though they are in an RPG. Tadakuni has to select an adventure log first. He is set in a simulation where a man is holding a girl hostage, and they have to save her. The truth is that they were at a training camp for a possible real thing. The players go to a bathhouse where more random characters were introduced, to which Tadakuni is unable to follow what was going on. A rather shady man enters the group, saying that they have found them.
  • High School Boys and Indoor Adventures 2 – The shady person turns out to be a woman who wishes for them to help save her daughter. Yoshitake, as the captain, takes up this quest. Hidenori, as a subordinate, tells them that to save her, they would need to travel by sea. Upon getting to a harbor, they were told to obtain a permit from the western city. At the city, a warden tells them that they need to kill a dragon before getting a permit to travel by sea. Upon going to the mountains to find one, the door to his house opens. Yoshitake and Hidenori claim that the demon lord is coming to their direction, thus the final battle. Tadakuni asks of the condition of the girl, to which Yoshitake states that she has already been saved. The door to his room opens, and Hidenori and Yoshitake jump Tadakinu’s sister. However, Tadakuni’s sister easily pins them to the ground. Tadakuni wonders if they can save here, to which the two respond that it is possible.
  • High School Boys and Older Brother – Tadakuni’s sister and Yoshitake’s sister meet up with Hidenori’s older brother, Yuusuke, about the behavior of their brothers. Yoshitake’s sister asks Yuusuke if he could talk some sense into them, since they are not acting the way they should. Since he is a boy and is the eldest of the three friends, maybe they will be able to listen to him. Yusuke states he would think about it. Yoshitake’s sister then spots a women whom he came with to meet them. She asks if she is his girlfriend to which he answers yes. Yoshitake’s sister makes a scene, but the girl does not move. Apparently, he lied, claiming that she is just an upperclassman form his school. Yuusuke makes the mistake of mentioning what happened during Christmas eve when she was running out and crying. Yoshitake’s sister gets angry, and Tadakuni’s sister pins him in place. Yoshitake’s sister was going to take out his cell phone and delete the picture, but she took out a girl’s underwear, which apparently belongs to Tadanuki’s sister.
  • High School Boys and As They Are – Hidenori is seen at the riverbank again. Of course, when he goes there to relax, the literature girl is right behind him. Hidenori wants to stop this madness, but sees that the girl looks apologetic, almost desperate. Before she is able to say anything, her writing flies away from the wind. She tries to get them, but trips in the process, hurting her hand. She tries to get a band-aid from a box, but fails to open it. Giving up, she drinks water to calm herself down, but chokes on it and sneezes. She tries to get some tissues but they fly from the wind as well. Trying to get them, she trips and falls on her back, also landing on Hidenori. Upset, she cries, but soon gets to her composure. Throughout the event, Hidenori tries to hold onto his laughter. He tells them it is okay for her to act in such a way because that is who they are. Before he was able to do something cool, he stands up and accidentally hits her head, knocking her unconscious.
  • High School Boys and Careers – The teacher receives the future career sheets she gets from the boys. She wonders whether or not they were making a joke out of this. She looks at several of them and sees some ridiculous answered, to which she overreacts to. She then sees one paper that was serious. After reading so many joke responses already, she wished for the jokes to continue.
  • High School Boys and Mitsuo – Yoshitake and his friends start talking about Mitsuo. Yoshitake states how Mitsuo only sings kid songs in karaoke. Another friend states that he does not like kiwi because he ate with with the furry skin attached. Motoharu stated that during elementary school, Mitsuo thought that one can literally see electromagnetic waves from a cell phone. Also at elementary school, Motoharu played a prank on him once by switching his school shoes with that of a girl’s, and both graduated without realizing it. Mitsuo hears all of this and gets angry. He walks inside their classroom relaxed. The grop says high to him, but quickly talks about him right in front of him.
  • High School Boys and Mitsuo 2 – Of course, Mitsuo is angry, but one of the friends stated that he respected him, for back at elementary school, he would eat something he does not like an throw it back out at the school pond. Mitsuo claims that the friend hated milk, so he tried to drink it by putting it in a salad, but that was actually Yoshitake. Motoharu states that when they played outside once, Mitsuo would always go home early since he pooped his pants, but that was actually Yoshitake as well. Another friend claims that Mitsuo sang so loud that the teacher told him to be quiet, but that was also Yoshitake. Yoshitake claims that Mitsuo once made a girl cry for accidentally sitting on her seat, but he was actually referring to himself.
  • High School Girl Power – Yanagi’s senior is invited over so Ikushima, Yanagi, and Habara can boost their girl power. She gives them a picture to identify. Ikushima and Yanagi got the picture correctly, but she tells them that they are wrong. Yanagi’s senior claims that in order to be cute, one has to act like an idiot. She also states that pretending to not know something despite being common knowledge is what makes high school girls cute. She was about to show where boys are only interested in, but Yanagi and Ikushima quickly stop her from showing it to the public. 

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