Nisemonogatari: Episode 7

Kotomi manages to find Karen, lying on the floor. Koyomi tells him to leave everything to him; however, she did not ask for his help. Karen states that words will not reach him, so she intends to fight him. Koyomi does not wish to fight all out, not does he want to fight outside of the dojo, given her current condition. Despite this, Karen states shes in her prime condition, starting immediately out with a driver through the ground, breaking it. Koyomi easily stands up from it, which shocks Karen since a normal person would have died from it. Karen sends a barrages of punches in his body before throwing a final punch that sends him to the air. Shinobu reminds him that she can feel the pain and thoughts going on in his body. He tells her to endure it longer and not take any action. In return, he will pat her head, but Shinobu wants him to rub her chest, which gave him a mental surge of energy. Karen continues to punch him until her fist hurt. Because he will not fall down, Karen decides to use her legs. In one mistake, she successfully grabs his head using and legs and turns her body around such that he throws him into a pillar. After all that has happened to him, Koyomi manages to stand up.

Karen tells him that justice always wins, but Koyomi always claimed that she and Tsukihi are right, but not strong. This is the type of attitude Karen hates, for she knows she is physically better than him, yet Koyomi claims there is a mental aspect to it as well. He states that because they are not fighting strongly for their own reasons, they will continue to lose. Karen does not see it that way, but Koyomi says that they have only scratched the surface of what evil is and are nothing more of impostors of justice. Karen asks what is wrong with sacrificing herself for the sake of others and if their ways of thinking has caused him any trouble. Koyomi states that they have always troubled him; however, he never states that they are wrong. Even if he were to hate them, he would still be proud of them for what they have done. He tells her once more that he will take it from here, since he, too, cannot forgive someone who hurts his sisters. He is willing to show her how cool of a brother he could be, and Karen states she may have fallen in love with him thanks to his speech.

As promised, Hitagi and Koyomi meet up to face Kaiki at the rooftop. Kaiki was interested in Koyomi since he is mentally a new person, but finds Hitagi merely a normal girl. Hitagi did not wish to see him in the first place. Before they were able to go anything Kaiki immediately gives up, promising that he would not trick the children for money. He also states that what he did to Karen was purely hypnosis. He also will return the things he has stolen from Hitagi, but Hitagi claims that everything he had said was a lie. Also, no matter how much he returns, her family will never be back to its normal state. For Koyomi, he states that Karen got what she deserved for messing with him, yet Kaiki states the fault was that she came after him alone. Koyomi asks Kaiki if he believes in the supernatural. Kaiki laughs, and asks him what the fire-wreathe bee is. While Koyomi says the right answer, Kaiki tells him that it is also wrong, for there is no proof that such a thing existed. Therefore, those who believe are tricked into thinking it exist. Thus, he does not wish to be in the realm Koyomi is in. Koyomi deducts that he truly is an impostor.

Hitagi asks for Kaiki’s phone, breaking it in the process. Kaiki was going to treat the middle’schoolers, but Hitagi thinks he will just fool them even more. Kaiki leaves, disliking things he cannot profit from. Kaiki tells her that the man who tried to rape her before died later in a car accident. Kaiki reminds her that there is no such thing as truth in this world. He leaves stating not to fall in love with him. Koyomi asked whether that statement was true. Hitagi admits that anyone who tried to save her from her plight, no matter what kin of person he or she is, she will treat them like her prince. She is glad Koyomi is the one who ultimately saves her in the end. Before leaving, Koyomi asks her what her request was. At first, it appears to be praising her for somewhat closing a chapter of her past. In the end, she gets closer and grabs his and, pushing him closer to her, and telling him to be gentle with her.

The next day, Karen was as healthy as she can be. As Koyomi packs up his supplies, Karen and Tsikihi tell him they are leaving. They state that even though the man is gone, the curses themselves are not. Since they are many more problems out there besides the curses, the girls are going out to save the day and protect the town’s peace. Koyomi tells them not to overdo it, yet they still state that they are justice and allies of it. The two leave as eager as they can be. Koyomi admits that while they are impostors, they are still very true to their thoughts and actions.


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