Recorder To Randoseru: Episode 7

Atsumi won some movie tickets from the lottery, but does not know what to do with them. Atsushi really wanted to see the movie, but Atsumi warns him that it is a romance movie and may be something that he would not be interested in it. Nevertheless, Atsushi still wishes to go, leaving Atsumi with no other choice but to take him along with her. As Atsushi rejoices for seeing a movie, Atsumi wonders whom she should bring with her for the last remaining ticket.

On the day they were to see the movie, Sayo was standing in front of the movie theater, waiting for them. Sayo wonders what type of person Atsushi’s younger brother is, under the immediate assumption that she would be as small and cute as her. When, Atsumi calls out her name, Sayo is elated at first, but is struck by love at first sight when she sees Atsushi. Sayo asks if Atsumi has a boyfriend, to which she replies not to have one. She then goes into the assumption that he is single. Atsushi is rather composed himself after is ecstatic action seen a few second ago. It looks like he knows some manner in treating his sister’s friend. Of course, this only adds hilarity when she eventually (or not) finds out.

At the theater, during a very touching scene of the movie, Sayo and Atsumi were seen crying their eyes out, yet Atsumi was asleep. I did not expect him to take interest in such a thing in the first place, for he was still young and all. After they movie, Atsumi teases Sayo for crying so much. Atsumi and Atsushi stated their good-byes to her. Atsumi sees that his eyes were red as well, but it was due to his sleeping state before. The show ends with Sayo’s warm gaze at Atsushi. If only she knew the truth.


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