KBM Round of 96 – Results 13-16 & Prediction 17-20

Group 13 – And Sebastian Michaelis treats this group as if it was merely another day doing his job, coming out with a powerful score of 507. He truly is one hell of a butler. Of course, it helps that Ciel has also made it in as well. Surely, he would have to be with him at all times at this rate. Ichirōta Kazemaru and Heisuke Tōdō did not even reach half of his score. I guess that is to be expected when you are dealing with someone as handsome as he.

Group 14 – Toushirou Hijikata also comes in this one with a great victory of his own, coming out at first with a score of 526. Interestingly, this is the first group that managed to break 1000 voters. In a similar case like Sebastian, neither of his opponents were near the halfway mark of his score. Again, that comes to no surprise, given that both characters were not up to his level to start with. If anything, Archer’s (4th) victory over Kasuka Heiwajima was a slight surprise. Archer has to be better than somebody.

Group 15 – Much to my surprise, Ichigo Kurosaki takes the lead here with a score of 419. He did not appear as strong in the preliminary rounds, so I did not expect him to be the actual victor here. It seems like all of that training he underwent in Soul Society has finally paid off. Both Alois Trancy and Tae Shimura, second and third respectively, were not very close to his number.

Group 16 – A rather nice surprise, Sawako Kuronuma wins this group with a score of 472. She may be a quiet an innocent girl, but one should be wary when she gets serious. Neither Rihan Nura nor Isao Kondou, who placed second and third respectively, were not that close to Sawako at all. I thought Rihan would at least give her a run for her money, but I guess he was not as strong as I would have liked.


Group 17 – Masaomi Kida will win this. Roy Mustang really got himself in a bad position. He could have won this, but with Masaomi, the strongest of the Durarara! group, in this round, he does not have a chance here.

Group 18 – Overall, this group is pretty weak. If I have to guess, I would go for Byakuya Kuchiki in winning this one.

Group 19 – Again, another group with weak characters in it. I would not be surprised if Tsukuyo walks out of this one with a victory.

Group 20 – Sougo Okita looks more that certain to win this one. I do not think either Ryoma Echizen or Sōji Okita can beat him.


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