Zero No Tsukaima F: Episode 7

The morning after the party, Tabitha kisses Saito’s sleeping face before she departs. Saito wakes up from this and immediately heads outside to confront with Tabitha. Tabitha states that she is going away because she becomes indecisive whenever she is around him. Her flight may have to wait awhile, for the children of the elements return to kill Saito early in the morning when he least expects it. Of course, this plan is countered when the Saito sees them coming into his mansion. Wasting little time, one of them attacks Saito with a saber, but he is stopped by Tabitha. The girl with purple hair enters the mansion. Saito tries to stop her, but he is blocked by the muscular boy whom Saito has put in jail not too long ago. Guiche and the others arrive just in time to save Saito as he summons some earth soldiers, but it gets easily destroyed by the man and his golems. Meanwhile, the girl inside quickly infiltrated Louise room while she was asleep. Louise tried to get her wand, but the girl already has it in her hand. Clearly, things were not going well in Saito’s side.

While all of this was happening, some elves came to the human world to look for someone who is apparently inside Saito’s mansion. As they were investigating, they spot Tiffania, who was trying to stop the fight somehow from behind, but Seista was holing her back. As the children of the elements were having a clear advantage, the eldest of them, Damian enters the fray, wondering what was going on. Jack, the muscular man, states that Bleu, the boy with the saber, wanted to fight against Saito. Thus, it looked like this. Damian doesn’t like to do things that does not give him money, so he stops the fight by turning the ground into water. Jeanette, the girl with purple hair, was slightly ticked off because she cannot have any more fun, but Louise takes this distraction to his advantage to grab her wand and point it at Janet. A scream was heard from behind the mansion, and Saito charges towards the sound. The elves change their actions to take Tifania back home. Saito charges at him, but Arie, one of the elves, chants a sleeping spell using the water. Everyone form all sides fall asleep, with the exception of Damian, who was surprised that an elf was near here.

Saito wakes up inside a rather decorative house with Tifania, who was dressed up in elf clothes, much to her surprise. Apparently, they were staying inside Luctiana’s house, who tells them they are in Neftes, the desert land of the elves. She also openly states that she kidnapped the two of them from before. Luctiana tells them that she took them in custody to do research on human activity. She kidnapped Tifania because she is an elf who can use void magic, therefore dangerous to their kind for fear that the humans would the ancient magic to overthrow them. Sadly, Saito was taken as an extra, but there was still interest in him since he defeated their uncle. The uncle in question is revealed to be Bidalshal, the antagonist during Season 3, who returns to Luctiana’s place along with Arie, Bidalshal only came to see whether or not Luctiana was doing her job properly.

Meanwhile, Louise asks Henrietta if they can save them because they clearly kidnapped by the elves. While Henrietta wishes to as well, she states that they cannot for they know nothing about the elf region, thus a dangerous place to charter without any information. Henrietta states that Romalia would take care of this, for their region is closer to the elf world, but not Tristian. Everyone outside was hoping for some good news, but Louise comes back empty-handed. Arriving back to her mansion, Siesta also hopes for good news, but, Louise goes to her room, crying because of her uselessness in situations like these. The crying stops soon after, for Louise makes the resolve to save the two, even if she has to go by herself. That night, she was about to leave on horse, but Siesta stops her, wishing to go along as well. Tabitha states that she is going as well, stating that going there by dragon would be much easier than going by horse. When they fly and leave their mansion, the flying comes comes up from behind them with some of the students at the Academy. Of course, they cannot wait until help arrives, so they wish to go save them for themselves. Louise is glad that so many people are willing to come with her to rescue Saito and Tifania.

Saito and Tifania try to make their escape at night, but that proves to be useless since the her land was blocked by magic. Since there appears to be no point in getting out at this rate, Saito decides to spend as much time here as possible having fun. Saito decides to swim at the large lake, telling Tifania to come along with him. Luctiana watches their actions from afar, surprised that the two species act the same way. Saito swims up to a rock, with Tifania close behind with nothing on. Saito gets embarrassed, but sees that the rock turns out to be a jet from his world that crashed into the desert and is now submerged in water. What could this mean?


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