KBM Round of 96: Results 17-20 & Prediction 21-24

Group 17 – And not to my surprise, Masaomi Kida takes the lead in a close match between him and Roy Mustang, winning with 434 votes. What is interesting to note during this match is the voting chart. Upon looking at it, Roy actually had a slight advantage over Kida. However, during the 11-12 hour marking, the tide would shift to Kida’s side, and he would continue to dominate until the time is up. I have already seen steady spikes like these in most of the other leader boards before. I was going to ask them whether or not they can check this match and see if Kida received any fake votes, but the two were relatively close before and after the change in tide. Also, since it occurred during the middle of the performance by a steady incline, maybe it just reached the the side of the world that woke up to this and started to input their vote. In any case, I will let it slide for now, but if more things like this happen, I may have no choice but to speak up.

Group 18 – To my interest, Mystogan comes out of this match as the winner with a score of 359. Mystogan seems to be a fair bit stronger that I thought he was. That, or I overestimated Byakuya Kuchiki. Well, all three of them are close in power anyway, with the difference between first and third is 62, so not a bad performance by Mystogan.

Group 19 – To my surprise, Masamune Date comes out of here with a first place score of 402. Tsukuyo was 19 votes away from this score. In fact, over time, the two had moments where they were barely neck to neck with each other, but, in the end, Masamune could override their close gap every since time, and it showed here that he made sure he was above her just enough to pass.

Group 20 – And Sougo Okita comes out of this one probably the most overpowering victory this far, with a score of 573 and nearly 57% of the world taking his back. Indeed, Okita looks to be unstoppable here. It does not look like any fire and put him out as of now.


Group 21 – Two girls and one guy. Well, Shou Kurusu is not really that strong. In fact, none of the three characters look all that strong. I think Ran Mouri is going to win this.

Group 22 – Undoubtedly, Rin Okumura is going to get a big win here. I highly doubt any of the two opponents are going to have a say here.

Group 23 – A rather interesting group interference. Since Kakashi Hatake is a pretty strong character, he should be able to win here even with Shikamaru Nara interference. If not, then Chiaki Yoshino will take over, since he is no pushover himself.

Group 24 – Shinsuke Takasugi is going to win this one, hands down. His opponents are weak and of no match to him.


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