Another: Episode 8

Kouichi talks to his sister about Katsumi. Reiko said that she knew him because they were in the same club, but did not hear anything about how he was able to stop the curse. She knew that something happened during the summer trip, but she was unable to recall what it was. Reiko was sorry that she could not be of help, but she will talk to him in their steed on what he did about the curse. The two of them back up for the visit to his workplace, which was outside of Yomiyama. During packing, Teshugawa and Yuuya came to them with large bags, which is odd because they were only going to see her friend. Izumi, along with two other countermeasures students, arrive to his house by her car. Izumi offers Kouichi a ride in her car, since she does not think his car can hold a lot of people, but Kouichi said that it was okay. Izumi then asks Teshigawa to get in her car, to which he easily agrees to. Teshigawa gets into the car with the other countermeasures students, but Izumi does not get in the car. Instead, she gets into Kouichi’s car, and the two cars ventured to his business apartment.

As they rive out of Yomiyama, those in the car were concerned if they could get out without dying. Slowly, they drove closer and closer out of the border with a gas tank riding close next to it. When both of the vehicles got out of Yomiyama safely, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Now that they are out, Keiko decides to drive swiftly, getting pissed when traffic was unable to make her go faster. Izumi states that you cannot judge people by their cover, but Kouichi says that she is pretty easy to read. Izumi allows him to read her by looks, but is a bit angry by his choice of words. Izumi looks to be hitting on Kouichi. Kouichi asks how she became a countermeasures student. Izumi claims that she nominated herself, for it is a job not a lot of people like. Unlike those before her, Izumi actually wants to stop the curse to her best power that her past successors are unable to do.

The group goes to the hotel Katsumi was staying at, but he turns out to be away. Instead of going back to Yomiyama, many of the decided to stay here for the day, since there was a beach near the hotel they were staying at. This was the reason why Teshigawa and the rest of the students had rather large bags. Even Keiko brought a swimsuit with her. Kouichi had no choice but to follow along. At the beach, everyone, now in swimming attire, race to the beach to find a place to set up and swim at the ocean. Before Kouichi goes for a swim, he spots someone who was at a cape by herself. When he gets to the cape, he finds out that Mei was there, who was there due to the family trip she mentioned before. Mei joins the group to have fun as well.

Near lunch time, Teshigawa stated that they should have a contest to see who can get the most fresh food. Apparently, he brought a barbecue set, but no food. Teshigawa, Izumi, and the other countermeasures girl were one team while Kouichi, Mei, and Yuuya are in another team. Mei was randomly picking out things that she thought were edible, but turned out not to be the case. At one point, her arm was clasped by a small octopus, to which Kouichi helped get it off of her. Yuuyu thought he caught something big, but caught a small puffer-fish instead. In the end, neither team got any decent fresh food. Keiko expected something like this to occur, so she bought some things to barbecue before.

After their barbecue, Katsumi meets up with Keiko, who was not surprised she was here. Katsumi recalls their past while they were at school. Katsumi asked if he had seen here somewhere before, to which Keiko thinks otherwise. Keiko talks about the calaminty that she supposedly stopped before. Katsumi thinks something happened, but he cannot recall what. Kouichi, Mei, and Izumi walked up to them to hear their conversation. Both Keiko and Katsumi beleive something happened during their time at the shrine, but neither can recall what. Kouichi asks what he left an where he left it, Katsumi states that he left something in school. Before he was able to say anything, a strong wind blew, causing their beach ball to fly off far away to the ocean. Nakao, one of the countermeasure students, goes out to get it. He swims very far away and looks to have drowned while trying to get it. The boys try to save him, but a motor boat charges towards him, and the body was run over and cut into pieces. Katsumi states that he thought he protected everyone, since he left the important thing inside the classroom.


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