KBM Round of 96: Results 21-24 & Predictions 25-28

Group 21 – Interestingly enough, Shou Kurusu actually won with an impressive result at 437. I would have suspected that Ran Mouri would win, but he managed to rend off from these girls and obtained a much needed win today. Ran was a handful of votes away from getting the victory.

Group 22 – Rin Okumura wins the match with a relatively decent score of 399. Although not as impressive as his earlier contenders, Rin did show that he was able to go the distance at a hotly contested match such as this one. While Yusuke Fujisaki and Kō Yukina have their own ideology of helping others, it was Rin’s burning passion to fight against evil without having to hide his demonic blood that allowed a strong finish here.

Group 23 – Well, it was going to be one of the other, and Kakashi looks to be the one to head out of this one with a win at 490 votes. Shikamaru Nara was sadly sent under a bus in order to let Kakashi proceed. Had they have a split vote, Chiaki Yoshino just maybe would have won the match.

Group 24 – Not to my surprise, Shinsuke Takasugi wrecked his competition with a score of 522. Gin Ichimaru and Shanks may be the types of fighters one would not wish to go one on one at, but Shinsuke can fit that category just as well and showed his immense strength by garnering a near 55% of the population with him. Gin and Shanks were literally crushed here.


Group 25 – Shota Kazehaya should have no problems winning here. Both of his opponents are rather weak, so he should easily take the win here.

Group 26 – The men here do not appear to be very appetizing. Kotarou Katsura looks to walk away from this one with a victory.

Group 27 – Conan Edogawa should have to troubles getting first here. I do not think either of his opponents have what it takes to take him down.

Group 28 – This is more interesting to find out. The victor can either be Sasuke Uchiha or Rikuo Nura. I am going to go with Rikuo here; he appears to be slightly better that Sasuke in terms of strength.


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