Aquarion Evol: Episode 9

Back at Altair, Izumo is highly concerned of Jin’s safety. Since he was the last person to be born in Altair, Izumo wishes to make sure that he does not die for reproduction reasons. Looking at the data Jin sent them during combat, Izumo believes that the woman who will bear their children is possibly one of the girls who are riding Aquarion. Inside the main base, there are some men who are desperate in looking for Jin and are angered that there was been no word about his status. The men agreed to search for him even if they have to go alone. Mikage appears in front of them, glad of their will and interested in the strength of their hearts. Mikage casts a spell on the men that heightens their emotions to go to Vega and look for Jin.

Back at Vega, Andy is depressed that all of the holes he made to dig to the woman’s bathroom and locker room area are filled. Believed this was done by a woman, Andy vows to find the one who did this and pierce her heart. Inside NEO-Denva’s cafeteria, Sazanka is searching through various popular spots. Because she does not have a partner like Mikono, Sazanka can only dream of it using Cayenne and Sharde. Mikono states that Amata is not her partner, but Zessica will take him if she does not want to. Sazanka mentions a hole-in-a-wall, which causes Mix to snap and walk away. At the principal’s office, Crea is concerned about the machine that was destroyed not too long ago. The principal tells her that they are doing everything in their power to search for its remains that the pilot. Cayenne goes up to Sharde to ask if he is able to sense anything after the fight using his power, but Sharde is unable to feel anything. Cayenne tells him not to go into battle again. Sharde states that if he continues that way of tone, he will not be able to hear the melodic harmony his sister is playing.

Later that night, Amata helps Andy once again in digging a hole. Amata asks why he is so interested in drilling a hole to the girl’s side when the wall is broken. Andy tells him about the history of holes and how it helps society and mankind. Despite giving a nice speech, the place he is digging to is the girl’s bathroom. The tunnel starts to collapse, and Andy and Amata were sent back to the surface. To their surprise, it was Mix who was filling up these holes each time Andy made them. Andy escapes and tells Mix that she is the one he is searching for to dig himself into her heart. Even so, Mix immediately retaliates, stating she does not want anything to do with him. The two get into a heated argument. Mix states that every time he creates those holes, she is forced to full them up. Andy claims that digging holes was his life, he does not want her to stop it. During their argument, Amata, who had been stuck inside Andy’s hole filled up by Mix’s power, asks for help. Watching this from afar, Zen wishes to try out a team that includes Mix, Andy, and Mikono in their next mock battle. The staff claims that the relationship of the three would be filled with holes, but Zen thinks there is more to the three he has chosen that meets the eye.

The next day, Mikono, dressed up for battle, is scared since she still believes she does not have any type of power. Amata encourages her that Zen must have done this for a reason. Below, Mix and Andy immediately wished to be out of the situation since they do not want to union with each other. Even so, the simulation begins. Andy and Mix get into an argument even while piloting their vectors. Mikono tries to calm them down and creates a union with them, but it fails. As punishment, Andy was forced to place corks inside wine bottles while Mix punches holes onto paper using a hole puncher. Both are disgusted at the other for not creating a union like they are supposed to. Andy wonders why she hates holes and men so much and tells her she would not be here if it was not for her father. The atmosphere becomes intense, and Mix tells him not to mention his name again. Amata attempts to cheer Mikono up, stating that no one would have been able to union with them if they kept arguing like that. Mikono tells him the reason why Mix acted like that. Apparently, her father was a travel journalist. During a travel, he met up with a woman at a hole-in-a-wall and fell in love with her. Andy overhears this conversation from underground.  Andy wonders what it is going to take to get him to open her heart.

The next day, the men that Mikage casts a spell on enters Vega. Izumo is clearly angered about this and believes that Mikage did something to them. Mikago stated that he only gave them a gift. Izumo is disturbed by his response and wonders what exactly is he after. Zen states that Mikono, Mix, and Andy are to take care of them, but Mix is afraid that something like what happened yesterday will happen here. Andy states that there is no time to be worrying about that now, and the three of them are launched. Andy prepares a union, but Mix still does not wish to and fights the enemies by herself. Mix is successful at first, but during the fight, she was about to be attacked from behind until Andy saves her. Andy tells her that all she is doing thus far is keeping herself locked in the situation instead of trying to fill the hole inside her heart. Andy wants to help her fill the hole in her heart, stating that his first union cannot be anyone but with Mix. Along with Mikono’s soothing words of encouragement, Mix finally was able to accept a union with a guy.

Andy calls out the name, and the three of them start to union. The enemy pilots try to shoot  at them to stop the union. The bullets were aimed at Mix, but Andy rushes in and takes the bullets in for himself. The union breaks, and Andy losses consciousness. Amata quickly replaces Andy, and the people at the base check Andy’s condition. Mikono tells Mix that Andy did not truly disappeared, but is still with them despite their incomplete union. Mix calls out the name, and Aquarion Evol is formed. During their union, Andy is seen with Mix, Mikono, and Amata, despite being repulsed not too long ago. Zen states that Mikono’s element is bonds, the ability to have multiple spirits inside Aquarion even if they have repelled each other before. This could be the reason on how Aquarion was able to perform a variety of things with Mikono strengthening the relationship of those who are inside Aquarion. Mikono uses her elemental power to fill up the holes inside the machines, using their ammunition against them and making them immovable until they explode.

The next day, Mix and Andy were arguing about a hole Andy made for good reason that Mix filled. Amata states that her ability was able to make their bond stronger, but Mikono claims that they were already connected from the start. Amata thinks her power suit her, since it can be shared with almost everyone. Mikono falls down and Amata tries to catch her. During her save, the two were about to lock lips until Shushu comes out from Mikono’s hair and bites Amata. Amata loses his balance and falls into a hole. Zen reminds him that love is forbidden. Even so, I believe Shushu was merely acting on its own accord. From a distance, Jin watches the school through his binoculars, and it appears that, from the preview, that Jin will be attending NEO-Denva as well. Will he be going in there as a double-agent for Altair, or is it possible for him to achieve a heel-face turn when he enters the school?


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