KBM Male Division 2012: Round of 32

Looking at the line-up of the matches thus far, a majority of the matches are going to be very interesting to follow. While some of these matches seem easy to predict at first, there are a few key matches that may be able to turn the tide of the remaining rounds of KBM for better or worse. As I have probably stated before, KBM knows how to sort their matches to bring out the best of most of the male characters. Looking at the following matches at first sight, the first half of matches appear easy to predict with the possible exception of Group 4 and maybe three. The latter half seems to have more matches that can possibly go either way. The ones that I am more looking forward too are the last few matches, specifically Group 13, 14, and 15, particularly 15, since it may go either way. Group 9 is hard in that the two are both weak an my be difficult figure out. I expect some high numbers and competition by the end of this one.

For Round of 32, there will be a total of sixteen groups with two people in each group over a span of eight days. That means that two groups will be shown every day. Because this has turned into a 1 vs. 1 match, I can finally go ahead and possibly come up with several story lines concerning the two parties and what it was that got them to square off against each other. I can possibly give a more detailed idea and write longer stories about then and how they came to be. At the same time, this requires knowing most of these characters well enough to write such stories. I can say truthfully that I know well less than half of the people who are still alive here. Well, the good news is that I can always borrow the brief bio KBM prepared for all of the characters remaining and transpose it into a story. This may be interesting, writing wise. Of course, match-wise as well.


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