Nisemonogatari: Episode 9

To keep his promise, Koyomi decides to call Suruga first before going to her house with Karen. Suruga states that she did say that she wanted to meet her before, but that was more or less a joke. In fact, she prefers that she does not come to her house at all for she may take Karen’s virginity. Koyomi states that he would rather take it himself than give it to her. While it was difficult talking about her about it, Koyomi finally manages to persuade Suruga to have Karen visit her that afternoon.

As Karen and Koyomi walk to Suruga’s house, Karen wisheshim a trick on how to win rock, paper, scissors in every match. Koyomi finds it silly, but decides to listen to her despite this. Before she teaches him the trick, Karen states that they should punish whoever loses their match. Again, Koyomi finds this ridiculous, but follows along once more. Koyomi was about to start the match, but Karen tells him that he is doing it wrong. He was supposed to say it inside his head. Karen demonstrates it for him. Apparently, the trick was to say the words but summon something before one states “scissors.” That way, it would look like the opponent is purposely sticking his arm out late, which would make him/her look like a cheater. Koyomi thinks that that idea was stupid and claims that she herself is the cheater. Therefore, as punishment, Karen is to carry him on her back. Karen decides to carry him on his shoulders, but Koyomi did not wish to do that due to embarrassment. He makes up some excuses not to, such as a weight difference and her hair. Karen uses a key to cut her ponytail off and threw her hair in the garbage can. Koyomi could not believe she just did that, stating that she had it since elementary school, but Karen claims that it was too hard to take care of in the end. Koyomi does not understand why she was so eager to pick him up. When she does so, Koyomi is immediately scared of how high he was from the ground. Karen claims that his crotch is making her head feel uncomfortable and suggests cutting it off, but Koyomi does not wish to do that. Weight balance seems to be the problem, so Koyomi has to lean forward for her to properly carry him to Suruga’s place.

While walking to Suruga’s place in that position, a woman on high heels standing on a mailbox confronts them. The woman, Kagenui Yodzuru, calls Koyomi and Karen devil boy and hornet girl respectively. Yodzuru was apparently looking for Eikou cram school. Koyomi decides to call Tsubasa for help. Tsubasa tells him that he should already know where the school is, for it was the same run-down building that Meme and Shinobu lived in. Tsubasa ends the conversation by asking him to say hi to Suruga for him when he has not mention her name throughout the conversation. Koyomi explains how to get there to Yodzuru, but asks her why she wanted to go there when there is nothing there. Yodzuru states it was for personal reasons. She thanks him, but tells him that there will be someone else who will be asking the exact same question to him. She leaves without touching the ground once. Karen comments that she must be strong to stay in perfect balance throughout the entire conversation.

When they finally reached to Suruga’s house, Karen drops Karen off to her place before leaving. He soon sees Mayoi at a distance. Koyomi was deciding whether or not he should greet her since she has seen her so many times already, but decides to do so normally as a friend. Koyomi rushes up to her, but Shinobu trips him, casing him to fall flat on his face while passing by her. Koyomi is easily angry and yells at Shinobu for ruining his moment. Mayoi claims that he must have a lot of free time to walk around at this hour. She claims that the reason he is outside was to take a peek at Tsubasa in her undergarments when she least expects it. She also claims that half of his will to live was for Tsubasa’s chest while the other half is for her own body, but Koyomi states that there is nothing good about her body to begin with. He says that the only reason he is around her was the future of her possibly blossomed body. Koyomi claims that he is dating Hitagi, in love with Tsubasa, but plans to marry Mayoi.

A girl with odd clothing walks up to Koyomi and asks him where Eikou cram school is. Koyomi is reminded of the other woman who talked to him about her not too long ago. The girl in question is named Ononoki Yotsugi and speak in third person using a male pronoun. When Koyomi tells her about it, Yotsugi thanks him while thanking Mayoi, calling her snail girl. Koyomi thinks about both Yodzuru and Yotsugi, thinking that both may have some supernatural background if they were to call him, Karen, and Mayoi those names.


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