Another: Episode 9

Everyone returns to Yomiyama, heartbroken as to what had happened during their trip to go see Katsumi outside of Yomiyama. Mikami-sensei and Chibiki-sensei were with Mei and Kouichi when they returned. Chibiki-sensei asked how Nakao was that day. Kouichi informs him that he was car sick most of the time, and Mei stated that he was unable to swim straight. When she said that, Chibiki tells them that when the police investigated his death, they found out that he was already dead before the boat hit him. He stated that his head was probably highly damaged before he went on the trip with them. Apparently, Nakao stated that he heard a loud noise coming from the stairs at his house and hurriedly left. He probably fell and hit is head in the wrong spot during that time. Because he did not go to the hospital to check it out before he left with them, his death was sealed. At night, Kouichi had a dream that everyone whom he knew that died appeared before him, telling him that he was the cause of their death.

Kouichi goes to Inoya, the name of the cafe, and tells Teshigawara and Yuuya about what Katsumi said to him before. based on the information given by him, Yuuya states that he probably left something in class 3-3 in the old school building. Teshigawara was about to relay this information to Izumi, but Kouichi tells him not to. He says that he does not want any more people involved in this. He states that they should only contact them when they find something and if they truly need their help. The three of them attempt to set up a time when all three of them are free to search at the old building when no one is there. In the end, they came up with tomorrow at 3 p.m.

The next day, Teshigawara and Kouichi walked into the school building. To their surprise, Akane and Yumi walked up to them, asking what they were doing. Akane and Yumi explained that Chibiki-sensei was they acting counselor, and they asked him for some acting advice. Akane asks when what they were doing once more, stating that since they have done it, they should spill it as well. Both were reluctant as first, but Kouichi tells them that they may have found a clue about stopping the calamity, and they plan to tell everyone about it when they figure something out. Teshigawara asks if they want to help search, but both of them pass for good reason. Akane says goodbye to the two of them, which is odd because usually one would say “see you later” if one will see them again tomorrow.

Teshigawara and Kouichi enter the art room, their meeting place, and surprisingly find Mei painting inside. Mei questions why they were here. Both were reluctant to say it once more, and when Yuuya enters, it makes Mei all the more suspicious about their actions. After hearing their story, Mei decides to join them. Kouichi wishes for her to be inside the art room, but Mei insisted on going. The three walk over the barricade and enter class 3-3’s original classroom. The place was a complete mess with furniture and boxes placed all over the floor. The four of them begin to search around the various stuff inside the classroom. As they were searching, Kouichi asks if they knew about the seven mysteries of the old school building. Teshigawara does not believe in such things, but Mei states that one of the mysteries was actually true. In the end she was merely joking. Mei tries to open one of the windows for some air, but the glass for the window shatters. Kouichi grabs her just in time before the glass falls on her head. The four continue to search once again. Mei accidentally hits something, and some lockers almost fell on Teshigawara. Is Mei trying to get herself and other people hurt on purpose?

When they were running out of leads and almost at the point of giving up, Kouichi finds something stuck on the ceiling of a locker full of cleaning supplies. Upon taking it out, he finds out that this was the item that they have been searching for. Kouichi quickly opens what is wrapped inside and finds a cassette. The four of them go to the broadcasting room where all of the electronics were placed. Yuuya finds a cassette player, and the four of them placed the tape inside and turned the cassette on. Indeed this was what they were searching for, for Katsumi was speaking from the tape. Katsumi talks about the time when he and his class left for a school trip at the shrine. Apparently, the teacher told them that if they were to pray at the shrine, the calamity would be lifted from them. Of course, the class only half-believed him. On the second day of their trip, the class cleaned up and maintained the battered Yomiyama shrine before praying to it. When they finished, the teacher told them that everything would be alright, but it was not that easy. When they were finished and left, the sky turned dark with heavy rain and thunder. While all of them were trying to get down the mountain where the shrine was located, lightning struck a boy holding an umbrella with a sharp metal tip. Easily, he died due to a lightning strike. When everyone say this, they knew that the plan failed and all of them scrambled down for their lives. During the panic, another girl tripped due to the slippery ground and fell off a cliff. She, too, was also dead.

At the moment when Katsumi was about to state the important part, someone was coming to the broadcasting room. In a desperate move, everyone ran and hid for cover. A teacher walked inside the room. He looked around briefly for second and left. Of course, everyone was relieved, but Yuuya points out that the tape for the cassette was pulled out. Teshigawara tried to get it back to its right place, but accidentally snaps it. Their only clue was broken. No one knew what to do, but Yuuya states that something like this could be fixed. Teshigawara quickly gives it to Yuuya, and Yuuya states that he will try his best to fix it.

Meanwhile, Akane was actually going to leave Yomiyama. That was possibly the reason why said goodbye instead of see you later. Akane and her family get in the car with a few boxes and left their home. As they were driving about in the highway, a rock falls on the car. The car tries to break, but slides and falls off a cliff. A man with a truck carrying a digging crane drives up a slope and stops to buy a box of cigarettes from a vending machine. As he was buying it, the brakes did not work, and the truck slid down from the slope. The truck crashes into Yumi’s house; the crane crashes into her brother’s room. Her older brother, who was inside his room, dies.


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