Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou: Episode 9

High School Boys and Older Brothers and Sisters – Tanaka, Yoshitake’s older sister, announces to Yoshitake and Hidenori and she and Yuusuke are now dating. Everyone was surprised, including Yuusuke who has just heard of this. Yuusuke clearly does not want to be with her, but she continues to get closer to her. Hidenori is fine with their relationship, but asks Tanaka whether or not she can kiss someone like Yuusuke, to which she easily answers no. Hidenori, Yoshitake, and Yuusuke step back can talks about how they can help Tanaka, whom they assumed snapped after she was unable to find a boyfriend this summer. Yuusuke decides to search for some guys to introduce her to, but all of them were perverts. Upon one phone call, the receiver easily agreed, but asks if she is cute. Yuusuke quietly says yes. All three of them turn to look at Tanaka. Apparently, none of them remember what her face looks like.

High School Boys and Drop-Kicks – Hidenori goes to the countryside one summer to visit his grandparents from his maternal side. A random girl comes up to him and dropkicks him into a river. Hidenori immediately gets up to see who the attacker was. Apparently, it was a girl wearing a white summer dress. She asks who was he, which were the words he wanted to say. A boy calls her out, asking what she, Emi, is doing. After calming down, Hidenori understands the situation. She thought he was someone she knew from behind, thus hitting him. He tells Emi to stand beside him and tells the boy to hit her into the river. The boy was reluctant to do so, but Hidenori knows that she continues to hit him a lot. Therefore, he should man up and strike her back. Hidenori grabs him and throws him at her, sending both of them to the river. The boy cries, stating that there was finally someone who understood his pain. Hidenori walks up to him and helps him stand up. Together, the two walk away with Emi merely standing at the river watching the two leave.

High School Boys and the End of Summer – During a summer festival, Emi was waiting Hidenori and Kiyohiko to come. Emi recalls the time when she first met Hidenori and how the three of them became inseparable after that moment. Sadly, Hidenori has to return back home tomorrow, so Emi wishes to make the best out of this situation. Kiyohiko and Hidenori finally arrive. Emi asks Kiyohiko to buy some drinks for them, to which he does, leaving her and Hidenori alone. Emi asks Hidenori if he has a girlfriend, to which he answers no. Hidenori asks if she and Kiyohiko are dating, to which she responded that they were merely next-door neighbors. Before Emi could say anything, Hidenori tells her that they are actually cousins.

High School Boys and Glasses – Hidenori runs into the classroom, stating that he cannot find his glasses. Some of the boys tried to help him out, and Mitsuo decided to tag along. The boys go to the bathroom, the last place that Hidenori remembered going to. His glasses were on his head, and Mitsuo seemed to be the only one who noticed it. The boys went to the vending machine next, the second to last place he remembered going to, but they obviously could not find it because it was on top of his head. Mitsuo asks why everyone else did not point it out to him yet. He then figures out that they do know they are on his head, but are just following along his worries. Mitsuo states that they were probably waiting for the correct moment to say it to him. One of the boys finally noticed that his glasses were on his head. None of them truly knew they were placed there.

High School Boys and the Daily Lives of the Student Council – Inside the student council room, the Vice President asks of there were any issues they have to deal with. Toshiyuki and Motohar stated various problems, but the vice president claims those were simple problems that can easily be fixed that do not need their services. The vice president then goes to state that they should eat out once they are done. He, Toshiyuki, and Motoharu think of completely different items, but the president suggest that they go to a ramen shop that recently opened. Everyone agreed to it. A teacher walks into the room and whispers to the vice president about a scandal happening in the school. He, Motoharu, and Toshiyuki quickly leave to confront the situation, leaving the president alone.

High School Boys and Panties – Inside the student council room, the vice president talks about how he accidentally saw a girls panties while walking up some steps and feels very guilty about it. Motoharu states that he is too worked up about it. The vice president tells him to do the same thing. Motoharu is fine with it, but promises that he will feel bliss rather than regret. Motoharu asks how he will get any girl to come here and reveal their panties to them. The vice president calls Ringo, who easily comes into the room when hearing that they need her help to get the internet running on their computer. Ringo works on the computer for a few minutes before realizing that the cable to the internet was not even plugged in. Motoharu tells her that the port was up in the ceiling, and the vice president brings a stepladder to her. Ringo climbs up the ladder the place it in the port while the vice president, Motoharu, and the president look underneath her skirt. When she was done, the three immediately get back to their proper position, telling her that it wad working. Motoharu and the vice president see her off as she leaves. the vice president now asks Motoharu how he feels, and he, too, feels regret for doing something like to to a girl.

High School Boys and Wiring – The student council was at Central High fixing some of their computers. They cannot do anything about it since Motoharu wishes to help anyone out to atone for his sins. The president and vice president of Central High enter the computer room, asking about their condition. The vice president claims that they are almost there, but states that they should contact a professional for this. The president of Central High states that they should get along and help each other out. She asks why they follow a president who looks like an idiot. The vice-president claims that he was a very wild person back in school, and he helped him turn his life for the better. Therefore, he owes a debt to him. Central High’s president stated that their vice president was quite a wild person as well before she disciplines him. Central High’s president walks away to do an errand, but the vice president uses a wire to trip her, falling flat on her face. The two vice presidents smirked.

Archdemon – The ten strongest elementary school kids gathered at a park, waiting for the Archdemon to come. Yagani requested to be in the group, part because she was tall for a girl and knew karate and part because she had a reason to face her after what she did to a certain boy. Soon the Archdemon walked up to them and quickly charged at them. The ten students retaliated, fighting with everything they had. In the end, the battle ended with a draw, with all of their men down and the Archdemon on the floor. Because her house was the closest to her home, Yanagi was selected to monitor Habara to check her condition every now and then. All ten still get in contact to this day. Ikushima and Takahiro were impressed by her story. Habara was crying after hearing it but Toshiyuki threw up in front of them.


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