KBM Round of 32: Results 5-6

Group 5 – One Devilish Butler: Sebastian Michaelis defeats Sawako Kuronuma

Can one even consider this a match? Sebastian Michaelis may be be a demon from the underworld, but he is probably one of the best butlers one can ever have. His mannerish, way with words, and looks would have anyone fall in love with him, be it man or woman. Sawako Kuronuma was sadly no exception to this rule. However, Sawako most likely sees Sebastian as a friend than a love interest. That’s the type of person Sawako is. Anyone who manages to show kindness to her she reciprocates to her utmost potential. Unfortunately, it does not help when the one serving her tea and sweets happens to be a shrewd butler like Sebastian. And because Sawako was a gullible person, it was all the more reason for him to exploit her strong point and use it to his victory.

Group 6 – From Servant to Master: Ciel Phantomhive destroys Tony Chopper

The beneficial thing about dual matches appearing together like this is the possible tag team if both contenders come from the same series. In a way, this is how one can describe how both Ciel and Sebastian happen to win on the same day. Still, even if both matches happen in separate dates, I doubt it would change anything. Ciel may be a cold and mature master, but even he has a few instances when he act somewhat childish. Chopper, however, just happened to meet the wrong person to face off against. He merely wished to be with his friends more so they can go as far as they can in this tournament, but this is one boss match that he had to tap out in. As soon as the two squared off, Ciel wasted no time acting in front of him and taking advantage of his naive personality. When Chapper least expects it, Ciel makes his move, and the fight closes. For Ciel, it was just another day on the job for a chance to get the KBM title.


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