KBM Round of 32: Results 7-8

Group 7 – From Me to Victory: Shota Kazehaya bests Yuki Asaba

It helps that both Shota and Yuki are very popular with the girls, but when these two boys face off, even hardcore women are having a hard time figuring out exactly who they should side with. At the same time, one of them is too dense to figure out of someone likes her and the other is simply not interested in going out with them. Sadly, all of the girls are in a bind here, but they will still go on the attack for better or worse. As for who to choose from, these two boys cannot be any more different. Shota is a very friendly guy who like to get along with everyone and make them feel as though they are part of the circle. Yuki is a more lazy and reclusive person but will go the distance once motivated to do so. In the end, it was Shota’s bright personality that allowed him to garner many of them women’s support to gain a victory here.

Group 8 – Battle of Four Blades: Ichigo Kurosaki Duels Roronoa Zoro to Victory

When Ichigo Kurosaki and Roronoa Zoro stand face to face with each other, one knows that they are about to expect a great match-up. The two had no exchange of words, only using their eyes to understand their opponents power and movements. Both men drew their weapons an charged at each other. The only thing one could see was ust from each step they took. The only thing one could hear was the clashing of the blades. Zoro looked to have the advantage earlier in the match using his unique style of battling with three words. With various techniques and arsenals using one, two, or all three swords, Zoro seemed to have dominated Ichigo for the majority of time. However, when Ichigo activates his Bankai, things seem to have gone his way until Zoro overpowers him again. During one point of the match, the inner Ichigo emerges and starts to pummel on Zoro with everything that he had. Ichigo manages to control the yokaoi within him and continue the fight with his own motivation. When the dust settled, it was Ichigo who remained standing and Zoro on the ground, but the two warriors were heavily injured. It just goes to show how badly these men want to win the KBM title.


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