KBM Round of 32: Results 9-10

Group 9 – Mystery Unresolved: Mystogan defeats Certy Sturluson

We have two rather enigmatic beings facing each other at what came out as possibly the closest match of this season. One one hand, there is Mystogan, one of the strongest warriors of the Fairy Tail guild, but, as his name implies, one of the most mysterious of them all. No one knows how he is, and he does not really show his face to anyone, going as far as placing people to sleep before he enters the guild. On another hand, who have Certy Sturluson, the mysterious black headless rider heard only of old folklore. She rides around the streets of Japan in search of her missing head. Although she has no head, she apparently is able to understand the world around her through some form of senses. Surely when these two fought, one was to expect a match full of excitement, and they were not disappointed. Indeed, both contenders were neck and neck of each other, with the crowd standing on their feet as to who is going to win this one. In the end, it would be Mystogan with a desperate come from behind victory, sending Celty back into the books of mythology and legend.

Group 10 – Way of the Sword: Gintoki Sakata crushes Sasuke Uchiha.

Another day, another battle featuring sword wielding characters. However, Sasuke Uchiha has an edge thanks to his lighting and fire style affinity. Of course, that does not mean the ancient ways of the sword have not rusted yet, and that is what Gintoki Sakata portrayed today. Gintoki showed Sasuke that odd school style fighting is still cool, using his quickness and power to get the best of him. Sasuke was having a hard time getting back into the game. Even using sharingan and various lightning techniques, that still has not stopped Gintoki from getting closer to him and providing the finishing blow that he did not see coming. In the end, Gintoki would have his hand raised as the victor of this match.


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