Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai: Episode 9

Sora and Miu were preparing to go to school. Miu was polishing her shoe before heading outside. The two of them leave with Yuuta and Hina telling them to have a safe trip. Sora and Miu power-walk to the train station. When Sora states that they only have five minutes left, Sora and Miu dash to the train station. They managed to get to the train somehow before its departure. Sora wonders if they should have up earlier to get to the train on time, but Miu states that if they do so, they might wake Yuuta and Hina up. The two know about the school work Yuuta has to go through along with the work shifts that he does at night. Since they cannot have him getting any lack of sleep, they decided to wake up when everyone does. Sora and Miu dash to the next train they have to transfer in. As soon as they got a safe call there as well, Sora asks if Miu was okay with her school life, since they have to spend everyday commuting like this. Miu makes a sad face at first, but quickly hides it with a smile. During the commute, Miu and Sora were swayed by the people who wanted to get in and out of the station. At one point, someone accidentally steps on her shoe, leaving a dent on it.

The two of them run, and they finally arrived to their respective school. Once more, Miu makes a sad face before going to her classroom. Before she gets to her classroom, Miu takes the time to look proper in front of a passing mirror before getting into class. Miu walks inside the classroom, and everyone greets her. It seems she is very popular among her schoolmates. During one class, she was seen dozing off, but quickly came to her senses when a teacher was walking to direction. During a PE class, everyone watches as Miu performed an impressive stunt in front of the students. During lunch, Miu is seen eating an eggplant, something her classmate thought she disliked. Miu tells her that she cannot waste any food since all of the dishes placed in front of her are quite expensive. After school, Miu is seen doing her homework at home before dozing off and falling asleep. Some of her classmates were feeling bad for her since they believe a lot of things has been happening to her lately. Miu was listening to their conversation, and this is where I think the show it the nail on the head. Judging by the actions she has displayed during the course of the school, Miu seems to have taken the persona of a proper lady in the school. Because of this role she plays, she may be making herself appear as a princess-like person. However, since her new school semester, she has a hard time keeping this up after everything she has gone through. At the same time, she most likely is not doing this for any ill intentions. Maybe she does not want anyone to take pity on her or worry about her too much. She does not wish for her friends to see her in a negative light, thus performing as such.

Once everything as done, Miu leaves, still worrying about the dent in her shoe. A few students commented about it. Again, the perfectionist persona that she plays in school comes to effect here. Before she heads home, Miu calls Sora, stating that she wanted to walk around for a bit more. Maybe she wants to relax and calm down after everything that happened in school before returning one. When the conversation was over, Kouichi, who happens to be around the area, walks up to her. Kouichi, who probably noticed that she was looking down despite her appearance, asks if she wanted to go on a date with him. Miu agrees, and the two begin to go out.

The first place they go to was an aquarium where they saw a variety of fish and water life. At some point, the two of them start imitating the animals that they see. After that, the two go to an omelet rice restaurant to have a light lunch. While eating, Miu asks upfront if Yuuta was okay at school. Kouichi responds that despite going through all of those troubles, Yuuta continues to be upbeat in class. People help him naturally during times of need, so his life was still okay, even at school. As they were eating, the two saw a continuous amount of couples entering the restaurant. Some people were seeing them as brother and sister, so Miu wishes to change their thoughts by having her and Kouichi say out loud that they were couples just like them. When they were done, Kouichi was about to take her hand with Miu states that he has to wait for the right moment to do something like that.

The two on them continue on their date, visiting various stores and trying out various clothing and accessories. When they took a break, Kouichi notices a dent on her shoe. Calling her Cinderella, he brings her to a shoe store and asks her to by whichever pair she wants. Apparently, she wanted to buy glass slippers, something that he did not expect to find there. Miu was only joking, stating that it is the thought that counts. Instead, he goes to a shoe repair store so they could properly clean her shoe to look as though they were as good as new.

Miu had an hour left before taking the train to go back home. Kouichi brings her to the final place that he wanted her to go to: the top of a tower. From here, they say a view of the entire city from a windowpane. When Miu sees the neighborhood where she used to live, Kouichi caught her crying. Apparently, tears fell as she let out a yawn. Miu asks if Kouichi thought that he thought she was crying due to not staying at her old place, to which he answered yes. Mui does not know how to feel about the subject. She admits that there were times when she wanted to do back, but because everyone was there, she was able to come with the various surprises that are continually thrown at her. While relaxing inside, Miu tells the story about her classmates worrying about her that she does not wish for them to think about. Kouichi states that she is trying to be considerate of them, but Miu claims she can only keep it up for so long, since she was human. Kouichi tells her that she is fine the way she is.

Miu and Kouichi head outside to see a true view of the world around her. Miu claims that the reason he is so popular with women was he knew exactly what their thoughts are and what to say to them during certain situations. She tells out to the city, telling Yuuta that he should learn from Kouichi on how to take cake of women. Because it was about time to go, Miu states that she is going to dump Kouichi. She tells him that she had a great time with him. Before she leaves, Kouichi asks if she wants him to take her home instead, but Miu states that she does not want anyone to know about Cinderella’s powers. Miu finally gets home at night. Miu thanks her for allowing her to stay out for that long. Sora, now seeing a more cheerful version of Miu, quiets her worries and reciprocates the thanks. Hina asks what they were talking about, to which they claim it was a secret. Yuuta wants to hear about it as well. Again, they state it was a girl’s thing.


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