KBM Round of 32: Results 11-12

Group 11: Tactical Victory: Kakashi Hataka outsmarts Ai Haibara

Everyone who watched this match knew that it was not an easy thing to sit through. Through every hour, the intensity of this match increases. It was almost as if if one was not careful, one may be sucked into the thoughts of both of the competitors minds. Kakashi Hataka and Ai Haibara were in hiding most of the time, attempting to think several steps ahead while analyzing what the opponent may do. Each as set up various traps for each other, but all of them seemed to disintegrated without any harm done on them. Kakashi threw smoke and flash bombs and Ai threw poisonous chemicals, but it still was not enough to throw either of them off of their game. In the very last moments of the round, Ai would be the one to make a small mistake that Kakashi took advantage of and capitalized on it, granting him the victory. For two intelligent warriors, both competitors have fought well, but Kakashi would be the one moving onto the next round.

Group 12 – Just One Step Ahead: Shinichi Kudo takes victory over Masamune Date

It is easy hiding one’s true personality to the people. That is what Shinichi Kudo and Masamune Date presented here in this match. Shinichi is one of the best detectives one can offer, but shrunk due to a poison from a criminal organization. That does not mean that he cannot perform to his utmost potential in any case. However, he has to conceal himself in a new persona such that no one knows his true identity. At the same time, Masamune is probably one of the better generals to be under given his high charisma and straight-forward personality. Outside the battlefield, he is cool and composed, always thinking about the safety of his men before getting a mission started. When the two face off, it was easily a battle between those with a strong will. In the end, Shinichi was able to out-think the fighting loving general and brought him down to his knees.


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