KBM Roun of 32: Results 13-14

Group 13: Dark Takeover: Shinsuke Takasugi overpowers Izaya Orihara

Another close call win, this time in the hands of Shinsuke Takasugi. This fight was not as easy as it appeared to be since both players had to use skill as well as their fighting technique to get them to where they stand. Ever since breaking out from the legendary three, Shinsuke main hindsight was to destroy the world in order to fix and correct it. Izaya, on the other hand, is content with where he is, since it just means more people to play around as his pawns to do his bidding. Not too surprisingly, their egos clash, leaving neither of them a choice but to fight to see who will get their ideals across. In the end, it would be Shinsuke who nails the final blow on his opponent. Izaya can talk all he wants, but Shinsuke does not look to be swayed by his words any time soon.

Group 14 – Tricks on Her: Kaito Kid fools Kagura to victory

While it takes skill to defeat someone to advance to the next round, sometimes, a little luck and a few simple tricks get earn a job well done without too much work. That is what Kaito Kid has done, and that is how he mostly gets on Kagura’s bad side while managing to get a win. Kagura is quite gullible in certain things like this. Of course, she is ready to fight, but Kid not only does not appear but showers several traps at her, all of which she has touched. Easily, she starts to get fed up about this and starts firing randomly with her umbrella. Not too surprising, everything she hit was an illusion, and Kaito gets a hit from behind, and everything was done. The final female participant was out of this competition.


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