Another: Episode 10

We first see Izumi crying about her older brother, most probably because her older died. It would not be too surprising since a few episodes ago, it was shown that he was a part of class 3-3 when the calamity occurred. She was frustrated to the point of kicking a can to the riverbank but accidentally hit someone in the process. She runs over to the person,  but trips and falls down herself. The person she hit was apparently Kouichi, who reached out to her to pick her up. Izumi then wakes up from this dream. It seems as though the two have meet before eighteen months ago, with evidence from Kouichi’s dad before his mind was altered. If Izumi and Kouichi are real, then who exactly is the another?

It is the day of their school trip, and everyone who is still alive comes over to the inn they were staying at near the shrine. Teshigawara asks Yuuya if he has fixed the tape. When he responded yes, Teshigawara asked if he has heard it yet, to which he has not. I do not blame him for waiting until everyone else hears it with him. To lighten the sullen mood in the group, Yuuya insists on taking a picture of everyone as a memory. It provided temporary relief, but not as much as any would like. Once they entered the hotel, Yuuya, Teshigawara, Mei, and Kouichi went to one of their rooms and listened to the remaining part of the tape that they were unable to hear.

When everyone talked down from the mountain, Katsumi got into a heated argument with one of his classmates. Eventually, the two started to exchange blows. During their fight, the boy trips over and falls to the ground, his body pierced by a branch of a tree. Scared that he had killed one of his classmates, Katsumi ran back to the lodge. Apparently, they were staying for an extra night since the police wanted to investigate them about the events at the shrine. That night Katsumi could not sleep because he was afraid someone would find the dead body and everyone would freak out. The next day, Katsumi walked back to where he fought him, but the area was cleaned, and the body was not found. He ran up to his classmates to ask where he was, but none of them recalled anyone of that name. Apparently, the person he had killed was the another. Two weeks have passed since then, and he still was the only one who remembered him. He decided to create a tape to tell future students about how to deal with the another, for he may forget about it as time moves on. He tells those who are listening that the only way to stop the calamity was to kill the another.

The tape finishes after that. Mei states that the person he killed was never mentioned, which meant that the tape was altered. Because the tape was altered, what they heard had to be the truth. Finding the another was already a problem, since none of them have any ways to figure out who is the another. Also, the another believes that he or she is as real as everyone else, making it more difficult to figure out who the another is. The worst part of it all was the ability to find the another. If they do find that person, what are they to do? Kouichi brought up a good point about whether they could actually kill one of their classmates. Since the calamity befell them, all of the classmates have shared some bonds with each other to help one another in times of need. Can they really kill someone who is just like them and may die at any second?

At the dinner table, Teshigawara claims that there had to be a way to figure out who the another is. Kouichi states that there should be, and they may not have found it just yet. Izumi asks permission to say something to the class. Izumi apologizes to everyone, stating that she has done a poor job as a member of the countermeasures and claims that Mei is partially at fault too for not doing her job properly. If she had fulfilled her role as the ignored student, none of this would have happened. Teshigawara states that it may not have worked anyway once the calamity was in motion, but Izumi still thinks that had she ignored Kouichi, they may have been out of the situation and wanted an apology from her. Mei asks if there was any point in doing so, but apologizes nonetheless. Kouichi, Yuuya, and Teshigawara were against this, but during the heat of their argument, one of their students collapsed. He was having an asthma attack, his inhaler was not working, and he did not bring any spares. Chibiki-sensei asks someone to call the hospital, but none of their phones were working since they were out of range and had no connection. Chibiki-sensei had no choice but to drive him to the hospital himself. This is bad timing at its finest.

After the situation calmed down, Mei thanks Kouichi for standing up for her and asks her to come to her room. Kouichi enters the room with some stuff about his late mother. He shows her the ghost photo of the class of 1972 when everything started. It seems like Misaki was the faded out boy in the corner of the picture who looked burned, most likely due to the fire in his house. Truly, anyone at the time would be quite frightened about it. Mei comments on how his mother and aunt looked the same when they were children. She also commented on Reiko’s interest in painting. Kouichi asks her about the drawing she did when they first met and also asked about the doll she was giving to her dead cousin on that day. Mei decides to tell him more about her life.

She told him about her mother, Yukiyo, and her sister, Mitsuyo, who were twins. Both of them grew up and were married. Mitsuyo gave birth to twins, but Yukiyo’s child was stillborn. Yukiyo had a mental breakdown, and Mitsuyo’s family was in a financial crisis and may be unable to support the two of them. Due to Yukiyo’s depressed state and Mitsuyo’s economic situation, Mitsuyo decided to give one of her children to them; thus, they gave her Mei. It was not until a few years ago when she realized she was not Yukiyo’s child when her grandmother accidentally talked about it. Naturally, Mei wanted to meet her true mother, but Yukiyo did not wish for it. Although she did not wish for it, Mei still secretly hangs out with Misaki, who also knew that they were twins. At one point, Mei asked what she wanted for her birthday, to which she replied a doll. However, before she was able to give it to her, she died. Thus, it was the reason why she gave her a doll at the hospital when Kouichi met her. If what she stated was true, then the calamity did start in April, but Mei did not wish to believe that a sully curse was the reason of her sister’s death.

Kouichi asks if that was the main reason why she believes he is not the another. Mei reveals her doll’s eye to him once more. Mei states that her main proof was from this eye, which sees things that should remain unseen. Her eye allows her to see a distinct color that represents things near death. It was not a single solid color, but something not a part of the picture that she sees. That is why, when she saw Misaki from the old picture, she could clearly tell that he was someone dead thanks to her doll’s eye. She knows it is not him how is the another; neither was it her for the same reason. Kouichi asks if she already knew who the another was. He asks if the another was on this trip, to which she answers yes. Kouichi brings her closer to him and asks who the another was. Before she could say anything, Teshigawara barges into the classroom, claiming that he may have done something bad. The scene ends with a heavily wounded body outside of the lodge.


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