ISML Preliminary 2: Day 1 Results

As I have stated before, I have been trying to look for ways to get some of these results to look creative rather than a single list of which results were expected or unexpected. Because a fighting style did not seem to have worked last time, I am going to try to write up something about certain girls characteristics and traits, and hope that, from their biographies, I can make some interesting written results. Again, this works if I actually know some of the characters here in order to write about them. Then again, there are always those wikia pages, but I try not to rely on them to much unless their match-up had some significance that I want to note down. I will try a few out here, and if some still are not interested in such things, I will revert back to my normal method until I am able to figure out another means of expressing results.

Arena 3: Number of girl’s healed: +2

It can be argued that all these girls ever wanted was the attention of their certain other. For Elucia de Lute Irma , it was the wish to be just like a girl whom she idolized her entire life. Wanting to be like her and obtain her attention, Elsie decides to step up to the plate on her own and reach out to heights greater than any demon has gone before. The same can be said for Inui Sana and Kasugano Sora. In Sana’s case it was a love that happened almost accidentally. Her original goal was to stop him from getting close to her senior, a young woman whom she treasures deeply since coming to this school. It was through her kindness that allowed Sana to join her club in helping injured animals. Now, even she is confused as to what to do, be it to go after the boy whom she attained feelings for or support his relationship with her senior from behind. In a similar instance, Sora had been sick most of her life. Since her brother has been taking care of her all this time, Sora started to grow close to her brother, to the point where she cannot live without him by her side. She may appear as an annoyance to some, but for a girl in her situation, it would not be surprising if she was a bit protective of him. What is one to do with two maidens with empty hearts? Call Elsie to come to their aid and remove what is in their way inside them. With two spirits captured, Elsie gains a sense of satisfaction while Sana and Sora wlak their own seperate paths to confront to the one whom they love. Elsie may have gotten a victory here, but the ability to help two girls is more than enough of a reason to celebrate.

Arena 6: Scattered Hearts

A girl whose sole wish was to have her older sister move on without the need to worry about her. For that, she will carve out wooden starfishes until her hands go numb and use them as invitations to invite students from the school she taught in to her sister’s weeding. An angeloid how has suffered for so long, but continued to live for the sake of pleasing her master. All her life, she has been told to do things and accept their orders, even if they were against it. With that connection gone, she obtained freedom, but what does freedom mean to her? A doll half completed, a prototype of sorts for her future sisters, was cast aside and never fully completed. While she lays on the dark world alone, her wish to be alive and gain the attention of her father was so strong that she started to move on her own. All three of these girls are broken in some way with miracles becoming the driving source for them to achieve a goal. There is only so much one could hope for, but in ISML, only one of their wishes can be granted. In this case, it would be Nymph who would find peace of mind while Ibuki Fūko and Suigintou wait until their next time to shine comes forth.

Arena 10: Teleporting Victory

While in the oddest way imaginable, it cannot be denied that Shirai Kuroko is the most direct when it comes to expressing her love to her onee-sama. Alice wished to slowly try to straiten her feelings between one who should be her servant, and Kotegawa Yui more or less denies any sort of feelings the the boy she is almost caught seeing in suggestive positions. If one was Alice, one would have a hard time deciding on how treat her servant. When most of the time she looks down on him and overpowers him, when feelings of love start to kick in, even a great rabbit like her is in a bind as to what to do with these new found feelings. Yui wishes for things to have order and does not like it when certain actions go outside school norms. Yet, even she is infected by love, which could clearly be seen when her true emotions are revealed at one point of her life without her realizing it. As for Kuroko, jabbing straight is the bast way to go. From seductive clothing to love potions, she will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. However, many of her plans would backfire on her, and she is mostly seen on the receiving end. In this case, her methodology allowed her to score a victory over her two adversaries. One can almost hear her dedicating her victory to her Onee-sama, much to her chagrin.

Arena 18: To give back one’s protection

If one were to see any of these three girls, one might not help but wish to be with them in some way. Kamio Misuzu is an easy example of this. All this time, she wanted to build strong relations with the people whom she cares about; however, every time she gets closer to them, she gets into a fit, and, in one instance, falls ill. No one understands the cause of her illness, nor o they not know how to treat her. Even so, she is willing to go as far as she can for the sake of finding someone dear to her. Sanzen’in Nagi is an extreme case of this. It does not help if one comes from a rich family and every person she meets outside happens to be an assassin wanting to capture her for money purposes. Thus, she is seen mostly in her room and excluded from the outside world. It was not until she meets someone at a fateful encounter does she try to step out into a world that she feared and hated for so long. Yūki Mikan may appear as if she can live peacefully by herself if her brother was not around, but even she can get lonely and wanting in those kinds of situations. She can be a great house cleaner and a decent chef, but staying alone will get at her eventually. The household would surely not be the same if neither of them leave. In the end, the voters decided to accompany Nagi the most, not because of her narrow mindset and unfavorable past, but because of her strong wish to change herself so she can be perceived in a better light among her peers and those whom she cares about.

Other results:

  • Arena 1: Kanzaki H. Aria > Taneshima Poplar > Astarotte Ygvar
  • Arena 2: Shionji Yūko (Alice) > Ayuzawa Misaki > Kunieda Aoi
  • Arena 4: Kotobuki Tsumugi > Hiiragi Tsukasa > Chii
  • Arena 5: Louise Vallière > Lucy Heartfilia > Evangeline A.K. McDowell
  • Arena 7: Shimada Minami > Honma Meiko > Yune
  • Arena 8: Makise Kurisu > Yamada Aoi > Nanasaki Ai
  • Arena 9: Mine Riko > Yarizui Sen > Oikawa Tsurara
  • Arena 11: Furukawa Nagisa > Kawashima Ami > Hinamori Amu
  • Arena 12: Kōzuki Kallen > Oshino Shinobu > Saginomiya Isumi
  • Arena 13: Aragaki Ayase > Laura Bodewig > Uryū Minene
  • Arena 14: Mikazuki Yozora > Dalian > Tsurugi Minko
  • Arena 15: Kirishima Shōko > Minato Tomoka > Inami Mahiru
  • Arena 16: Index L. Prohibitorum > Erza Scarlet > Sōryū Asuka Langley
  • Arena 17: Sakagami Tomoyo > Yin > Haibara Ai
  • Arena 19: Himeji Mizuki > Ika-Musume > Ayase Chihaya
  • Arena 20: Haruna > Hakamada Hinata > Shinonome Hakase
  • Arena 21: Sakura Kyōko > Tsugumi > Takahara Ayumi
  • Arena 22: C.C. > Tsukimiya Ayu > Ayanami Rei
  • Arena 23: Ichinose Kotomi > Takamachi Nanoha > Chrome Dokuro
  • Arena 24: Izumi Konata > Tainaka Ritsu > Hoshina Utau

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